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  • Peace Of Westphalia

    international relations propose such dissimilar views about the international order that their opposition foster a discrete interpretation of the world and the role of force in it. Third, this discontinuous view of the world leads to a biased understanding of human nature and of social interactions, which leads either to the over reliance or, on the contrary to a denial of the use of force under any forms. The author thinks that collective support and legitimization of coercive actions strengthen the international order and is the best strategy to follow. However, establishing a common understanding of the terms international order, force, and coercion is necessary before examining each of these ideas successively. In The Anarchical Society, Hedley Bull defines international order as “a pattern or disposition of international activity that sustains [… the] elementary, primary or universal” goals of the society of states or international society.[4] These goals are self-preservation, sovereignty, peace, and the three goals of social life—security, truth, and property.[5] He also proves the existence of such an order and admits that anarchy best describes it.[6] Bull’s definition is admittedly states-centric and, since he first published it in 1977, it might be outdated. Certainly not. As Andrew Hurrell underlines in the foreword, despite the multiplication of transnational corporations and the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, which encouraged hopes in intergovernmental…

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  • Supply Chain Management: The Success Of Mountain Dew Kickstart

    Although Pepsico executed operational excellence, product leadership and customer intimacy competitive advantage strategies, the main focus where the firm excelled was through the competitive advantage strategic which employed in the development of the breakthrough innovation Mountain Dew Kickstart. The Kickstart initiative specifically targeted millennial males across cultures. Pepsico knew through customer research that millennial consumer guys needed a product to give them a boost. Leadership…

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  • Informative Essay On Caffeine

    reported since caffeine 's conception and millions of other people have suffered withdrawal symptoms from cutting back on caffeine. In fact, anybody who has at least 300 milligrams a day (2 or 3 cups of coffee) will suffer these same symptoms, which include fatigue, depression, irritability, tremors, jumpiness, inability to sleep, and headaches (Jon Barron). If you look back, many of these also can actually come from drinking coffee regularly so there is no real way to win except abstinence. …

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  • Red Bull Target Market

    3. Red Bull target market is about the active individual. Although there is no direct age or gender as a preference to their target market, young active males appear to be their direct target market. Red Bull likes to focus on the individuals that require a boost of energy and short term performance to whatever they are doing. The breakdown of their target market appears to be: • Young individuals (18-30) • Lifestyle is more than normally busy or highly physically active (extreme sports) •…

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  • My Father's Minotaur: A Short Story

    There he was, amidst those whose fate was so tragic my heart ached. He was entering the castle I knew and loved. My father allowed those who were going into the maze one final feast. The house was decorated with flowers and ribbons hanging from the ceilings accompanied by delicacies the chefs prepared only this time of year. I hated this time of year, the time when innocent civilians were sacrificed for my father 's Minotaur. It always seemed like the angel of death was lurking through the…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Sitting Bull

    Given all of the different tribes and chiefs, it is safe to say that they have made history on not only their tribes, but the American history as a whole. This essay in particular focuses on a specific chief by the name of sitting bull. The Lakota chief gives a perfect representation of what a chief does in regards to their tribe. From birth to death, Sitting Bull exemplified the qualities of a great Native American chief. Background Originally named Tatanka Yotanka, Sitting Bull was born in…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Mw Effect By Malcolm Gladwell

    A 14 time All Star, 6 time NBA Champion, a Hall of Famer, and much more, all of these successes from one amazing basketball player, one as good may never appear in the NBA again. Many immediately think of Michael Jordan, and have asked how Jordan was so good. In the chapter “The Matthew Effect”, Malcolm Gladwell argues how it is not only skill that results in being successful, but that it is the time when you were born, saying that being born in the first six months of the year gives more time…

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  • The Lone Ranger And Tonto Analysis

    In The Lone Ranger and Tonto and “How to Write the Great American Indian Novel” by Sherman Alexie, reservation realism is portrayed through continuous references of Native American conflict. In The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Thomas-Builds-the-Fire was arrested for detaining the reservation postmaster, Eve Ford. Several years later, the case goes to trial and the Bureau of Indian affairs grants Thomas an opportunity to give his testimony. During the trial, Alexie mentions Eve Ford sitting among the…

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  • Sitting Bull: The Stubborn Chief

    Sitting Bull: The Stubborn Chief Is there anyone that has made the general population change their whole perception on a whole race? Sitting bull was born on the plains near the black hills in South Dakota. Growing up in a traditional native tribe he was pretty sheltered to the rest of the world. As a young child he was just an average child with nothing specifically special about him. When he was ten he killed his first buffalo which officially made him a man. At the age of fourteen he was…

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  • Irish Terrier Essay

    IRISH TERRIER ORIGIN AND HISTORY The Irish terrier is one of the older terrier breeds. Its solid red coat and long, sleek body distinguish it from other terriers. Earlier Irish terriers were black and tan, grey and brindle with the solid reds appearing at the end of the 19th century. In 1879 Champions Erin and Kilney Boy appeared at a show in Glasgow and are considered the mother and father of the breed. During that era the Irish terrier was one of the most popular breeds both in England and…

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