Compare And Contrast Kobe And Lebron

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Kobe and Lebron were and still the best NBA players of their era. Basketball fan or not, you have probably heard or had a strong debate. Who is a greater player: Kobe Bryant or LeBron James? Although they have never played a single playoff game against each other, the comparison is inevitable. Both came to the NBA out of high school, both have been very dominant since their early years, and both made a huge impact on the league. They are both first-ballot Hall of Famers, with a combined eight championship rings together and counting. So, who would you pick? Kobe or LeBron? The Kobe Bryant vs. LeBron James argument really got started when Michael Jordan, said he thinks Bryant is the better player, thanks in large part to his five championship rings compared to Lebron’s three. There has been numerous of NBA players and analysts who have given their opinion on each one of the players. There has been numerous legendary hall of farmers that gave their opinions such as Scottie Pippen who appeared on SportsCenter to discuss LeBron and the NBA playoffs.
The comparison of Kobe vs. LeBron came up, and Pippen didn’t hesitate before ranking Kobe ahead of LeBron. Pippen said “I do not think he is surpassed Kobe at all, no. I do not think he
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LeBron’s career high was 61 and Kobe’s was 81. Also, Kobe had more than ten 50+ games and six 60+ games. Kobe had a stretch in 2006 where he averaged 50+ points over four games. LeBron just never had a stretch like that (that is not on him, he is a pass first small forward) but he can score. Kobe is a lot more skilled, LeBron often dominates a game through sheer power but when Kobe played, he had a lot of tools, he was athletic, could play in the post and was a better three-point shooter. But at the end of the day, It really would not matter who you had hit the game-winning shot if both of these players were on the same

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