Narrative Essay On Shooting Basketball

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It was about 2 years ago when I started playing basketball. Even though it was long ago it’s one of memorable experienced. I was excited about RAIS and New friend. Long ago I think that basketball is unpleasant also because I never try to play basketball and never think I can play it.
It’s really hard for me to learn how to play also I wanted to know how to shoot basketball. So I ask Mr.Jonifer about it and then he told me to follow the step in shooting these are the step of shooting. First of all is the foot placement ,Secondly bend your knee and elbows. Using dominant hand will be easier but although I learned how to shoot there is another reason I can’t focus on basketball which is study my grammar and spelling are worse than
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In the morning there will be a heavy traffic with a smoke came out from the exhaust pipe .The smell is really bad . We waited for about 9:00 AM for all the teams arrived. After the announcement all the teams going to the bench which is prepared by MISB . The first match is going to be fun because we going to play against PAIS.
The main team going to play first which is Boom(PG),Rew(SG),Best(PF),Boss(SF),And Mikung(C), but unfortunately PAIS came late so that mean we win by give up rule.
We waited for about 30 minute for the next match. We’re going to play against
TRIS that going to be the hardest match we met. Trinity International School (TRIS) is the best sport teams in the tournament they have won more than 10 champions! For kids the match will be divided to 2 periods or 20 minutes. When the match started they got the ball first . Mr.Jonifer is changing us one by one because they are really good and we have no more stamina. After the first quarter ended we are losing by 29-6. Every one look really sad . But Mr.Jonifer said that “Do your best until the end of the match”
So we are just playing for fun. The match ended and the scores was 44-12 which is the saddest memories . Next We’re going to play against SISB. This is the match

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