Analyzing The Poem Escaping One's Cage

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In the following story I will be drawing a parallel between the poem “Caged Bird” by Maya Angelou, and the upcoming Homecoming football game between Lane and Curie. In it I will be demonstrating why I believe that both lane and Curie are caged birds. My piece is titled “Escaping one's Cage”.

Escaping One’s Cage.

Before the game even began you could see the growing anxiety on the Lane Tech football team, they were about to go out representing their entire school, in front of an immense crowd in their own stadium. The Curie team was also worried, they were playing on Lane turf and the whole crowd was rooting for Lane, they however didn’t have the additional pressure of it being their homecoming game. It would be a humiliation losing in front of that many people, especially in your own stadium. As they were entering the field, the Lane players grew determined to beat the Curie team. The crowd meanwhile, painted green and gold, were booming with excitement as the start of the game came closer. *Whoooooosh* went the referees whistle marking the beginning of the game. As the game progressed, both Lane and Curie were playing at their top level. Approaching halftime the score was 15-21, with Curie leading the score. It was looking bad for the Lane side, it was as if Curie had locked
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The team however had confidence that they would win. It was the last two minutes when Lane took possession of the ball, they were about to win the game for Lane! As the clock ticked the team set up on offense and made a run to the end zone. Dodging players left and right they finally got the ball to the end zone, “TOUCHDOWN”. And with that word the whole stadium erupted into a roar, with fans yelling and jumping up and down. Lane had done it, they had escaped their own cage, overcoming obstacles and bringing pride to the school. Go Lane

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