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  • Looted Art By Hector Feliciano: Article Analysis

    on expanding their colonies. How France would take over the arts of Spain during the Napoleon times. Wars would also bring dispersion of the arts. Because there is so much chaos involved in wars, people just steal what they can. Sometimes people would hide what they stole hoping to come back to it, but they in fact would also get killed and that art that was hidden would never be found. Because some of these major art works have been lost during the time some of the artists aren’t recognized. There are also artists that we don’t even know about, because all of their works has either been lost or destroyed by the invasive countries. I chose a book “The Lost Museum: The Nazi Conspiracy to Steal the World 's Greatest Works of Art” by Hector Feliciano. I chose this book because this book is about the World War II, possibly the time when the largest looting of art was going on. This book provides a lot of information on how and where the Nazis would steal the art. The book explains how Hitler was a large follower of different kind of arts. Hitler knew that a lot of these arts can bring wealth into his nation. Some of the arts that are shown in this book weren’t even seen by the public. This book also shows how because of looting a lot of the art pieces where lost during the war. The author of the book mostly focuses on the private collections of five families: Rothschild, Rosenberg, Bernheim-Jeune, David-Weill, and Schloss. In the book it even says that “The paintings belonging…

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  • The Importance Of Pride In Homer's 'Iliad'

    Hector is outside the Gates of Troy waiting to fight Achilles. In Book XXII line 91-99 Priam is trying to convince Hector not to fight Achilles alone “Hector, my child, if ever I’ve smoothed you…Dogs will eat your body by the Greeks ships”. Hector himself has pride issues with facing Achilles he knows he will die. Even when Achilles arrived, Hector tries to make a pact with him in lines 277-285 Hector said “I’m not running anymore, Achilles…Only strip the armor and give the body back To the…

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  • Her Arming Trope In Homer's The Iliad

    The unsuspecting beauty is believed to have been seduced by Paris, a Trojan prince, and brought over to Troy. Menelaus is understandably enraged by this and wants satisfaction. Thus, the Trojan War commences, a long and onerous plight. Although it seems completely rational to use military force to save such a high-level captive, the fact that the war lasts about twelve years is a bit illogical. It is stressed throughout The Iliad all of the misfortune and unnecessary death that the cumbersome…

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  • The Characteristics Of Poor Leadership In Homer's The Iliad

    leader, rhetorician, and finest warrior. In Achaean army, there are are multiple figures playing these roles. Consider in book eleven when Agamemnon is retreating-- Hektor’s brief but powerful speech “stirred the spirit and strength within each man,” allowing them to charge forward and route the Achaean army. Later in book twelve, Hektor displays his superhuman strength aided by Zeus, breaching the Achaean wall with an enormous boulder. Subsequently, Homer makes a pointed effort to exhibit…

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  • Achilles And The Iliad

    six hundred pages long and it consists of twenty-four books. The Trojan war started when Paris (Prince of Troy) took Helen (Queen of Sparta) back to Troy without the permission of her husband (Menelaus). Then, Menelaus and Agamemnon (Menelaus’ brother) joint forces to initiate an invasion in Troy to get Helen back. Achilles tries to kill Agamemnon for stealing a slave named Briseis (Paris’ cousin) and refuses to fight against the Trojans, because of the absence of Achilles, the Greeks were…

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  • The Characteristics Of Great Leadership In The Iliad

    Iliad the reader leans of the qualities of the many leaders. The Greeks lead by Agamemnon and the Trojans lead by Hector have been at war for nine years previous to the Iliad. There are many leaders in the Iliad that are great and there are some that are terrible. Great leaders are ones that have courage, the respect of their men and enemies, and are inspirational. Terrible leaders are cowardly and selfish when faced with great challenges. The best leader in the Iliad is Hector and the worst is…

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  • Literary Themes In Gilgamesh, Beowulf And Iliad

    No one had ever attempted to defeat the dragon before. This sets the tone as spooky, and mischievous. Also it gives us an idea of the type of leader he is. “For hours he sank through the waves” (beers 26) “The sword as wet with her blood” (beers 27). The Iliad happen in troy and was in a battlefield. The setting of the story relates to the mood because it 's about getting even for past events. A battle field is ironic sense Achilles wanted Hector dead and many people have died at war. “Life or…

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  • Theme Of Friendship In The Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Iliad

    that physical friendship is immortal; however this view is quickly dismissed by the fact that it is temporary. This is shown by Achilles’ word that, “Let us give in to grief, however briefly in each other’s arms.” Much emphasis should be placed on the word “briefly,” as it exhibits that Achilles was mindful of the fact that Patroclus’ presence was short-lived. It illustrates that Achilles had now come to accept the reality that inasmuch as he would want to hold onto their physical friendship,…

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  • Odysseus Bravery And Courage Of Achilles

    Another example of Odysseus bravery was, when Patroklos, a friend of Achilles 's, was slain, Achilles had wanted nothing more than to charge into the Trojan war, with no thought given for any need to have rest or provisions for food. It was understood in Greek Mythology that Achilles had the reputation as one of the most treacherous men in the world. However, Odysseus stood up to him and reminded Achilles that he should give thought to his army and demand rest and proper nutrition, before they…

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  • The Dilemmas Of Achilles In The Iliad

    Patroclus to be slain by the hands of a Trojan warrior Hector. In the Iliad Antilochus informs Achilles. As said in the Iliad “A mist of black grief enveloped Achilles” ( Iliad book XVIII, 159, 23). Due to this incident Achilles is faced with the ultimate dilemma, whether to avenge his friend's death or to continue his fleet home, Achilles of course chooses to kill Hector with the help of his mother Thetis. Achilles choice to kill Hector leads to the hope for the Greeks to win the war. The…

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