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  • Realism In Willa Cather's 'A Wagner Matinee'

    shows the relevance of setting and time to the story’s overall meaning. Cather lived from 1873 to 1947 during which she was born on a prosperous farm in Virginia, she later moved to the harsh Nebraska frontier along with her family. Life on the frontier of Nebraska would be extremely difficult, but Cather grew to love it. Her stories were often set against the background of the wild land she came to love, therefore she became known for her depictions of the American frontier- again something that we see in “A Wagner Matinee”. The main characters in the story are Clark, who lives in Boston, and his Aunt Georgiana who gave up her life there to move to Nebraska. In her youth during a visit to rural Vermont, Georgiana met a very charing country boy who she became quite fond of, his name was Howard. He promoted her to make the move so they went West in search of their own piece of land and opportunities. This was the time of Westward expansion where many families were leaving the city and trying to make a life out on the frontier. The Nebraska farmhouse is described as a “…tall, naked house on the prairie, black and grim as a wooden fortress…”. As years passed Georgiana didn't understand what she’d have to give up when she followed Howard to Nebraska. As 30 years passed, Georgiana felt regret for leaving Boston. “She sat staring at the orchestra through a dullness of thirty years”. She had soon forced herself to forget what she left behind and start to accept that life in…

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  • The Drought By Gary Soto Analysis

    This song is about when he was a boy and how much better it was in person then it is looking at black and white pictures. Johnson used personification to show they were scared. “If it looks like we were scared to death, like a couple of kids just trying to save each other”. Johnson is showing that they were terrified like kids trying to save each other from someone trying to hurt them. He is comparing being scared to kids trying to safe each other because kids do not hand thing like that as an…

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  • Social Change: The Locavore Movement

    [local] farmer is free to try small crops of various fruits and vegetables that would probably never make it to a large supermarket” (Source A). These varieties can range from different apples to different potatoes. These large businesses and supermarkets can only have their central focus on selling an abundant amount of food. Plenty of people would not be interested in consuming the same categories of food daily. Thus, the variety from local foods would be engaging for the individual. There is…

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  • Haiti Chapter Summary

    chapter 1, the hospital refused to treat sick prisoners. Nine soldiers are clearly not even to try to govern 150,000 people in Haiti. The health of the people will not improve with so little of help. The farmer felt that there was no point to apply principles of constitutional law in a country that at the moment had no functioning legal system (pg. 5). He argued for preventive detention. The farmer worked without pay in Haiti, doctoring peasants. He thoroughly enjoys living among the poor.…

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  • Creating Fairtrade In The Cocoa Industry

    Specifically, most cocoa growers from the Ivory Coast and Ghana are farmers on very low income who would grow just enough to provide for themselves and their families. Ordinarily, cocoa is grown alongside their food crops, which doesn’t exactly encourage neither a strong workers’ society, competition between local farmers to produce more, or the potential expansion of commerce. However, it is imperative for Fairtrade in the cocoa industry because of how much it benefits all parties involved.…

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  • GMO Argument Paper

    growing conditions. If it is a rainy year or too dry, if it is too hot or too cold, GMOs produce the same in all conditions. Rotman (2014) writes, “For farmers, the effects of climate change can be simply put: the weather has become far more unpredictable, and extreme weather has become far more…

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  • Summary Of Mind Body Nutrition And Swot Analysis

    industry. This is why some bigger companies such as Coca-Cola and Pepsi have multiple product lines that cover energy drinks, soft drinks, water, sports drinks and juices. Three reasons why we chose this type of non-alcoholic beverage. One reason is to be able to give consumers a healthier juice alternative compared to what is on the market today. Next, to utilize and support local farmers in the Hampton Roads area. Lastly, the juice beverage industry is a growing industry with great…

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  • Farming Career Research Paper

    I looked into her eyes, I knew then I wanted a career with farming. I decided to research this career and it makes me want to do this career even more. After researching the career of farmers and farm managers, I have decided to pursue this career. Concerning typical daily tasks, farmers and farm managers are require to do plenty of work everyday. Farmers are required to use information about market, weather, and a farm size to make decisions. For example, they’ll need to know how to test…

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  • Rachel Carson's Silent Spring: The Ban Of Parathion

    after being published, her book gained the attention of the American public and helped to transform their attitudes towards the environment. In the excerpt Carson advocates for the ban of parathion by describing the farmers’ use for the poison as warlike, by faulting the ignorant public, and the negligent government for the poison’s harmful environmental impact on afflicted areas. Carson describes the farmer’s use of parathion as warlike and inhuman, in an attempt to persuade her readers to…

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  • Fresh Film Analysis

    focused on the unsustainability of current food production methods, and used anecdotes from farmers to promote the good food movement. According to one farmer in Fresh, the fear of inconvenience has driven the food industry towards urban farming. One example early on in the movie noticed the exponential growth of chickens packed into chicken houses. Today’s chickens never see the light of day with many urban farming chicken houses today holding over 10000 chickens. The chickens are bred…

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