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  • Uber Technologies Inc.: A Case Study

    their current location in real time, the “Split Fare” which allows consumers to split the cost of the fare with anyone who uses Uber, and “Fare Estimate” which allows consumers to check the estimate price of a ride request before submission (Uber). Uber has also expanded product offerings with delivery services for small businesses with UberRUSH. UberRUSH connects small businesses with delivery partners to make a delivery at the push of a button. UberRUSH allows small businesses to access real time tracking of the delivery to the desired location, a confirmation signature once the delivery is made, and a round trip service option if the delivery cannot be made (Uber). UberRUSH rates vary by the market. Uber currently is offering UberRUSH in the New York City Area (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens), San Francisco, and Chicago. Uber offers rides at every price for every occasion. The Uber fare is calculated based on four criteria, a base fare, the cost per minute, the cost per mile, and the booking fee (Uber Fare Estimator). The base fee is a flat fee charge at the beginning the ride. As mentioned in product description, Uber offers Uber Economy (UberX, uberXL, and UberSelect), Uber Premium (UberBLACK, UberSUV, and UberLUX), Accessibility, and Carpool (uberPool). The base fees, the cost per minute, and the cost per mile vary by ride request option. Minimum fares are set in place to reimburse Uber drivers for short distances. Minimum fares vary by ride request option. For example,…

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  • Fare V. Arizona 1979

    In the case of Fare v. Michael C. (1979), the United States Supreme Court rejected the California Supreme Court’s position that a juvenile's request to see his probation officer constitutes an invocation of the right to remain silent within the context of Miranda v. Arizona (1966). Sixteen year old Michael C. was taken into custody by the Van Nuys, California police department on suspicion of murder. After being advised of his Maranda rights, and acknowledging he understood them, he was asked…

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  • Error Fares Case Study

    Error Fares and How to Take Advantage of Them Error fares as the name implies are fares put up by the airline that are either below or above the normal fare for the flight or hotel bookings and reservations. It is amazing to know that one can take advantage of this, even on a low budget, you can travel to seamless locations and make reservations at unbelievable rates. The prices are too good true, for example you can get an error fare of $500 for a flight ticket of $5,000. In the article we…

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  • Immigration Law Is Fare And Equal

    For those that have dealt with the US immigration law, only few will agree that it is fare and equal to all. It is suppose to serve as a guidelines and a road map to for processing anyone coming into the United States. How come that some people are given the chance and opportunity the fight and succeed while other are barely given a voice. Every country needs immigration laws to control the flow of immigration; the majority, like the United States, believes that the current laws favor the few,…

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  • Romanticism In Lord Byron's 'Fare Thee Well'

    During class, we have read numerous romantic texts, but the most interesting treatment of romantic love can be seen in Lord Byron’s “Fare Thee Well” and Giacomo Leopardi’s “To Sylvia.” These two poems are prime examples of Romanticism and clearly show the sufferings and ideals one might have during the romantic period. In Lord Byron’s “Fare Thee Well”, the narrator is reflecting on the life he…

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  • Fare V. Michael C Case Study

    Introduction In this paper, I will discuss the key facts, issues, and court holdings of the Fare v. Michael C. case. Discussion The Fare v. Michael C. case was heard before the United States Supreme Court in 1979, following an appeal referencing the Miranda Warnings issued to the juvenile defendant (Elrod & Ryder, 2014). At the time of the arrest in February 1976 in Van Nuys, California, the suspect, Michael C., was just over sixteen years old (FindLaw, n.d.) The suspect had a previous…

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  • Employee Assistance Program Analysis

    Employee Programs Employees who comply with regulations get the job done, but committed employees do a better job. Frankel (1992) describes coaching as a style of management that is participative and consultative. Coaching is a way of identifying goals and developing an understanding on how they are to be attained by both managers and employees. Performance management is important in organizations as it brings an aspect of accountability to employees, therefore, improving their skills in the…

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  • Bus Rapid Transit: Article Analysis

    discusses fare evasion and smart cards on Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). BRT is an enhanced bus service that offers reliable and quality service that improves travel times, service reliability, and ridership. The overall objective of BRT is to maximize transit through faster travel times than traditional fixed-route bus service. With high travel demands, there will always be fare evaders. Fare evasion usually happens during peak hours, but it can also happen during hours when it is not so busy. In…

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  • Comfort Delgro Case

    proposal is the evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the “flat-fare” option in the Comfort Delgro App in gaining demand from Grab and Uber and if it would raise CD’s revenue. We also need to find out the optimal time for flat-fare option to be made available to maximize profits. To find out the above objectives, primary and secondary data have to be collected through Quantitative Research to get statistical evidence on the effectiveness of the flat-fare option and how it helps…

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  • BWI Airlines Pricing Strategy

    would be the mean of $159. By constructing a pivot table that shows the relationship between fare and the number of tickets purchased within a certain price range (Figure 2a), one can also see the frequency at which prices most people bought their tickets. In Figure 2a, 109 passengers out of the total 164 bought tickets within the price range of $95 to $195. Here 66.5% of people fall within this price range, and this supports why the mean fare is $159. The statistical summary Figure 1 is a…

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