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  • Pet Your Dog Manjoo

    Summary: Farhad Manjoo wrote an essay called “No, I Do Not Want to Pet Your Dog”, what he talks about in this essay is the issue with dogs. He says that they are a hazard and are dirty, he also mentions that he dislikes that dogs are now everywhere including gyms, restaurants, supermarkets, malls, museums, and even offices. Manjoo points out that dog owners do not discipline their dogs, so they do not have manners. “What if I just want to go through my workday without being slobbered on by an animal?” he argues. “The dog is sure to come around you, get between your legs, rub against your thigh, take a nap on your feet, or do some other annoying thing” He complains. Response: In the essay that Farhad wrote he mentions that he dislikes…

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  • Farhad Manjoo's Truth Enough

    The Article, “Truth Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society” by Farhad Manjoo argues that we live in an era of selective perception. We as viewers expect for all information on the news to be beneficial towards us and trustworthy. Yet, news publications can be tainted, similar to all types of media. Manjoo explains the concept of Video News Releases, which is a short clip of marketing propaganda disguised as a real news due to its language and style. In fact, each of these news segments…

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  • No I Do Not Want To Pet Your Dog Analysis

    that the meal will be consumed in the presence of a smacker. A smacker can be defined as: the person at the dinner table that parts their lips noisily in eager anticipation of food, drink, or other pleasures. If there were ever a someone that could ruin good food, it would be the person too focused on the food and totally disregarding the awful noises coming from their muzzle. My hatred for smackers can most closely be compared to Farhad Manjoo’s hatred for dogs in the short essay: No, I Do Not…

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  • Distributive Justice Model

    transportation. If some transit users are cast aside for a different type of transit user then the distribution of transportation is not equally shared. A type of unequal distribution of transportation can be the use of privately own transportation for the accumulation of profits, such as Leap. Certain users are able to afford this kind of transportation while others may not. Farhad Manjoo notes in his article, “Behind the Failure of Leap Transit’s Gentrified Buses in San Francisco” the…

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  • Analysis Of Nicholas Thompson's Article Bigger Brother: The Exponential Law Of Privacy

    safe and comfortable for users to share information and that the key to his success was simply control (Zuckerberg 300). To ensure that privacy is their number one concern Facebook enforces tens of billions of privacy checks each day and continues to update their resources for better results (301). Mark states that even if Facebook had an unscathed privacy record people would continue to question whether they are actually safe from harm (300). The second major perspective goes to those who…

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  • To Tame A Wild Tongue Summary

    This particular section of twitter users is discussed by journalist Farhad Manjoo in his 2010 article, “How Black People Use Twitter”, where he notes that young Black users tend to have a much tighter network of interactivity, saying that “They form tighter clusters on the network—they follow one another more readily, they retweet each other more often, and more of their posts are @-replies—posts directed at other users. It's this behavior, intentional or not, that gives black people—and in…

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  • Vulnerabilities And Loss Of Privacy In The Digital Age

    Farhad Manjoo, a columnist at the New York Times, furthers this idea by stating, “We have decided, as a society, to rush headlong into a world ruled by digital devices, continually weighing convenience versus safety. We’re constantly storing more of our important information on more new kinds of hardware run by more complicated software. All of it is increasingly interdependent, which makes the whole ecosystem more vulnerable” (Manjoo). Websites and software programs are interconnected more than…

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  • Favorite Teacher Research Paper

    But how well do you think someone is going to observe a teacher by just watching for a few minutes? How will they truly see the way the teachers perform in the classroom? There is no way someone can observe a teachers stable and fun relationship with their students in just a few minutes of watching the class. Why can’t the students make these decisions instead? After all, we are the ones who spend the most time with the teachers during the year. In an article from The New York Times “Grading…

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  • Apple Marketing Strategy Essay

    up market share that it once railed against” (Steinberg). The problem apple faces is “becoming another large consumer-products company” (Steinberg). They need to gain new customers while keeping current ones intrigued and wanting more. This is a difficult feat for any business that has been in the market for over 38 years, but a manageable one nonetheless. Apple needs to bring their creativity back. Whether that means hiring a new marketing team or ad agency, creativity is an essential…

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  • Social Media Influence On Racism

    serious and dangerous problem because people will think they are right and a lot of people have the same belief with them. Then, those racism may spread to the other group. This is also what some employees of Facebook worried about. They fear those racism would spreading to the other group or memes which would make more people can see and read it. (Mike Isaac) This is a reason of why Donald Trump could win the election and get a lot of vote. When Trump was a candidate, he always posted some…

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