Immigration Law Is Fare And Equal

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For those that have dealt with the US immigration law, only few will agree that it is fare and equal to all. It is suppose to serve as a guidelines and a road map to for processing anyone coming into the United States. How come that some people are given the chance and opportunity the fight and succeed while other are barely given a voice. Every country needs immigration laws to control the flow of immigration; the majority, like the United States, believes that the current laws favor the few, the rich immigrants, while the poor suffer.
It is true that the government needs to control who they let into the country with some sort of tracking system. It has also come the realization that the rich immigrants are barely face with the hardship of getting a pass in to the country compared to the less fortunate once who cannot afford the hefty lawyer fees.
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Their visas are expressly process on because of such deal. According to USCIS “Priority Workers, including aliens with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and certain multinational executives and managers” document are process faster because many of these so called priority workers families are already in the country and well established and can afford to hire a reputable immigration lawyer. With so many immigration loopholes known to the wealthy and immigration lawyers, they are able to use this tactics in filing for visas as priority workers to gain entry into the country

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