The Importance Of Immigration In The United States

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It is unarguably that the US government needs to control and protect the country and its borders from intruders, unwanted and unauthorized into the country with. Majorities believe that the current US immigration laws favors the rich. As of today, average college or University student will most likely have stand offer ab opinion about the United States Immigration policies and how it is being implimented and it 's abused.
What exactly is "Immigrants", a person who comes to a country to live there. People residing in the United States who were not born in the US, which also includes naturalized citizens and lawful permanent residents .
For the minorities, the current US immigration laws serve a roadblock to many that seeks a better life due
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How come that some people are given the chance and opportunity the fight and succeed while others are barely given a voice.
According to United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) web page, “Priority Worker’s, including aliens with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and certain multinational executives and managers” documents are processed faster because many of these so called priority worker 's family are already in the country and well established, and can afford to hire a reputable immigration lawyer.
Also, a lot of people will argue that the law is working just as it was designed. No doubt that Immigration is needed, but, was it supposed to works for some and not for others. It has become a selective and a crafty process that an average intended immigrant cannot afford for an average lawyer consulting fee which is almost equivalent to some people 's weekly
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Yet, companies, and coroperations down to invidual homes takes advantage of this individuals by employing them and paying less than minimum wages.

According to an article published by "Jacob Passy" NBCNEWS on " 5 Things to Know About Immigration and the U.S. Economy " under Hispanic-heritage-month-2016. The clarity is that a portion of this country 's economy solely rely on some of the illegal immigrants because they have no legal stance to challenge or protest against their employer when maltreated.
Furthermore, a peek at some section of the labor force like restaurants, constructions, and house keeping, shows a clear that the majority are hispanic either legal or not. If all the illegal immigrants were to be depoted - the US economy in the above mentioned industries will suffer a devasting fate according to the data of immigrants porpulation from

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