Why Is Immigration Important To The United States?

It is unarguably that the US government needs to control and protect the country and its borders from intruders, unwanted and unauthorized into the country with. Majorities believe that the current US immigration laws favors the rich. As of today, average college or University student will most likely have stand offer ab opinion about the United States Immigration policies and how it is being implimented and it 's abused.
What exactly is "Immigrants", a person who comes to a country to live there. People residing in the United States who were not born in the US, which also includes naturalized citizens and lawful permanent residents .
For the minorities, the current US immigration laws serve a roadblock to many that seeks a better life due
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No doubt that Immigration is needed, but, was it supposed to works for some and not for others. It has become a selective and a crafty process that an average intended immigrant cannot afford for an average lawyer consulting fee which is almost equivalent to some people 's weekly pay.
An average time for processing immigration document for the minorities is between a year to three years if you are fortunate compared to the rich and politically connected “Priority Worker" with an average time of six months to a year. Because of these strict immigrantion laws in the U.S., it has led to hotly economy debated topic. Some even suggest that the cause of diminished job opportunities is due to a large number of immigrants in the country. Some say that it is the reason for higher crime rate.
Everyday, many are worried, concerned, and even organized rallies and protest about deporting these group of people that made their way illegally into the country. Yet, companies, and coroperations down to invidual homes takes advantage of this individuals by employing them and paying less than minimum
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Economy " under Hispanic-heritage-month-2016. The clarity is that a portion of this country 's economy solely rely on some of the illegal immigrants because they have no legal stance to challenge or protest against their employer when maltreated.
Furthermore, a peek at some section of the labor force like restaurants, constructions, and house keeping, shows a clear that the majority are hispanic either legal or not. If all the illegal immigrants were to be depoted - the US economy in the above mentioned industries will suffer a devasting fate according to the data of immigrants porpulation from Mexico.

So when it comes to the good and the bad of Immigration Law, again these people contirbutes even more than what some US born citizens contribute on a daily basis. There are those that work around the the clock with barely minimum pay to support themselves or family, no medicla insure, no pension plan or 401K while they help our giant corporation bring in millions of dollar daily.
Lastly, according to Nseyo, "the American government not only uses the immigration laws to control the flow of immigrants, the immigration law has become negotiable based on your economic status." Only a few will agree that it is fair and equal to all as it was

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