Closed Immigration To The United States Essay

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Question 1
Today immigration is brought up a great deal, especially with the election. The three most important things that were continuously brought up is border control, jobs, and the economy. Border control has been something every presidential candidate as brought up since forever. With a nation that was founded on immigrants, the United States sure has a lot of rules against people coming over. Many of these immigrants who are fleeing to the United States are looking for better jobs or want to get reconnected with their families. Brandon Judd, a veteran border patrol officer, states “our immigration system is completely dysfunctional”. He continues saying how people that have authorization to come here have a hard time; while whose who
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They even have their own opinion on either we should completely change and have a new immigration reform. In question one, one of the biggest aspects of immigration, when it is discussed is border control. The reasons these people are crossing the borders or coming to the United States is for several reasons, including: to escape persecution, weather it’s from religious, political, or even economical, it can also be to find better opportunities for their child and find better jobs. The reason that people have the opinion to keep the borders closed is because they believe that these immigrants are coming over to take their jobs. Some people believe that if we open borders we are basically rewarding people who have broken the law. The immigrants who came over “correctly” basically went through a long process to get the same reward has those who just came over. They also believe that these immigrants will never be able to assimilate and become use to the American …show more content…
This is something that is brought up in almost every presidential election and is hard to do because of the government. Each state has their own laws about immigration, some are stricter than others. Like in Kentucky, it is required to show a birth certificate and Social Security card when trying to get a driver’s license and or state ID. But, under federal law only documented immigrants can receive emergency and health services, but will not receive most public benefits. If we legalize the undocumented immigrants, they too will be able to receive the emergency and health services necessary to protect life and safety. One good thing about these is you don’t have to show your documentation when applying for an education. So, the kids that are unauthorized coming over with their parents are still able to earn an education. Overall, the U.S. Congress should open border to the noncriminal and working immigrants because they do help our

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