Error Fares Case Study

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Error Fares and How to Take Advantage of Them
Error fares as the name implies are fares put up by the airline that are either below or above the normal fare for the flight or hotel bookings and reservations. It is amazing to know that one can take advantage of this, even on a low budget, you can travel to seamless locations and make reservations at unbelievable rates. The prices are too good true, for example you can get an error fare of $500 for a flight ticket of $5,000. In the article we shall be diving into the real concept behind error fares for flight bookings and how you can take advantage of them on your next travel.

What Are The Causes Of Error Fares?
Nowadays, most airline operators use computers to calculate the price for their
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But you can get up to 75% discount on the fare price. Imagine you have a budget for a flight ticket and you get to know there is an error fare that saves you 75% of the initial cost. It’s amazing how it can be very helpful. Let’s look at the ways you can take advantage of them.

How to Take Advantage of Error Fares
It is quite easy to spot an error fare and this can be done by checking out websites that publishes error fares at intervals, I recommend you visit Fly4free, they publish the best error fares and flight deals, you can subscribe to them and get instant notifications in your mail whenever there is any error fare. Now, I will list the does and don’t, so you can get the full benefits from these error fares.
1) Time is of the essence; book very early after seeing it, most tickets are most times sold out or the airline might detect it and correct the fares. Most error fares are out in a matter of minutes.
2) Do not contact the airline at any point of the transaction; both before and after, if you do so, you might lose the chances of getting the price cut.
3) Do not book additional rentals or make hotel booking while your credit card has not been debited with the fares unless they offer a full

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