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  • Personal Narrative: The Story Of A Parent's Life

    It was dark and cold. I could feel pain in the air. As I wake from unconsciousness, I feel myself gasping for air. Time passes and I struggle to break free from the belts that latch me to my seat. I finally break loose, but my parents sit still, motionless and cold. Struggling to set my parents free, I was on my last breath. I could see the darkness again, my life was at an end. The next thing I know I’m lying on gravel, coughing up water, surrounded by many. “What’s your name son?” the strange man asked. “James!” I hear a voice from afar. “James! JAMES!”, the voice got louder then I suddenly got a pain across my face. “Wake up you no good for nothing child! You’re late for school!”, my foster mother shouted angrily. I took a deep breath as I reassured myself. “Every night I have a dream, the same dream where I relive the moment of my parent’s death.”, I thought to myself. I glanced at the clock, 7:05 o’clock. “Crap! I’m late!” I gathered my clothes quickly, brushed my teeth, and rushed to school. As I walked up the steps to the front of my school, I saw in the corner of my eye a girl with long brown, curly hair, big eyes, and a flawless face. “Alice.”, I whispered beneath my breath. “Alice.” Sitting in class, I watched the clock tick. I couldn’t think straight, my mind was focused on Alice. “Ring” the school bell rang. Class was now over. I quickly left class and took the long route home. I went through the park just to make sure I didn’t have to go home so soon. I sat on…

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  • Saints And Roughnecks Analysis

    The social class statuses of the “Saints and the Roughnecks” gangs shaped their opportunities and response from the community in several ways. Many of the differences between the two groups were the result of their financial status but other differences such as their visibility and demeanor had an impact as well. While both groups were not that much different from each other, they were treated differently by the community. The Saints and Roughnecks is a story based on research that was…

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  • Case Study: Intervention Plan For Rachel Green

    Intervention Plan for Rachel Green Presenting Situation/History (Question 1) Miss Rachel Green, who is sixteen years old, was referred to Bridgeman Overall Health Services last month by her probation officer. She received probation after shoplifting and hitting the store’s owner with a can of soda when the owner began chasing her. According to the Colorado Judicial Branch, obtaining mental health services is a possible condition of probation (n.d.). The purpose of probation is to reduce an…

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  • Personal Narrative: Howard Gardner

    All my life I have gone around doing things how I view them correct. The thing is I have never really taken the time to actually think about what I am actually doing, why I am doing what I 'm doing, and even how I am doing what I am doing. Throughout our lives, we are constantly asked what we like and or what we are good at, we usually answer with something like “I don 't know” or with something we enjoy such as art or music. There is so much more to us than just one single word and is why…

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  • Sherman Alexie's Flight Character Analysis

    In the novel, Flight written by Sherman Alexie, a teenage boy endures multiple scenarios involving Native American history. The main character is a half white, half Native American teenager, who wants to be called Zits. Zits was raised in the foster care system since his Indian father left him with his mother and then his mother died shortly after. The foster homes being new and sometimes a cruel environment lead to Zits’ decline in adequate behavior, diminishing his innocence and constructing…

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  • Antwone Character Analysis

    The Struggles of Antwone Fisher “Antwone Fisher” (2002) is a biographical drama that begins as Antwone, an adult enlisted in the United States Navy, attacks his fellow soldiers. Given his grave offense and the danger he could pose to others, he is restricted to the ship for one and a half months. Antwone is also sent to Dr. Jerome Davenport, a Navy psychiatrist. Athwone is furious about this development. His reluctance about his current situation strains the relationship between the two men.…

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  • Shadows Of The Mind Book Summary

    I selected an online book which was called Foster Care and Handbook: Behaviors Actions Speak Louder than Words. It is by Norma Brody Geste. The book is free and an online book. It is basically about a senior citizen couple who preferred to be foster parents to teenagers. The author went to school to learn out different diseases about metal health behavior. She also taught in Ventura County Juvenile Hall and was also a Special Education Teacher with the county and the city. She also wrote a…

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  • The Event That Changed My Life

    What if one single event could change your life forever? What would you do? Imagine being taken from your parents at a young age. Imagine being separated from your siblings when they are all you have left. Also having to live in an environment that makes you feel uncomfortable. I guess you can say that having to pay for your parents mistakes can be unfair. Being taken into foster care was the event that changed my life forever. My beliefs before actually experiencing this were, how could you…

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  • Dymnasty And Diamond Case Study

    The attorney for Dymnasty and Diamond is Alexandra Meeks and she was informed via email on December 1st, 2014 regarding Ms. Gustard’s Review and the children’s replacement from her care. Ms. Meeks was represented at this conference by Social Worker, Caitlin Harrison. Ms. Harrison stated that the Legal Aid Society is in support of foster children Dymnasty Spann and Diamond Charles returning to the foster home of Sandra Gustard. Ms. Harrison conveyed that her agency had ongoing communication with…

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  • The Foster Care System: The Broken System

    The Broken System Suffering and being neglected on a daily basis is not something someone has to ever encounter. The foster care system is failing because of all of the flaws that exist which results in the harm of bringing down innocent children. The state of Florida has been the first state to ever make all foster care privatized. While the foster care system in Florida is able to get many children adopted, many several of them also suffer from permanent health issues because of the broken…

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