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  • Pros And Cons Of Portal Fantasy

    That is only when the idea of portal fantasy began to take effect, and be classified as a subgenre of fantasy. On the contrary, people have been travelling to other worlds and universes, since they were able to think. Asking themselves questions such as: “What if a place like … existed?”, “What would I do if I went there?”, “What else would go on there?” and so on and so forth. Maybe because they are making up a story for their child, or maybe because they’re unhappy with their current life and imagine a brighter place elsewhere, or maybe they are just wondering about that great wide chasm of space out there and asking themselves, “Could we really be…

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  • Film Bodies: Gender, Genre And Excess By Linda Williams

    The article, ‘Film Bodies: Gender, Genre & Excess’1 by Linda Williams explores whether the forms of sex, violence and emotion found in the genres of pornography, horror, and melodrama (specifically the woman’s weepie) respectively, are as gratuitous as my film scholars and critics believe them to be. Setting out to disprove this idea, Williams’ investigates and compares the form, function, and system of the three genres. Ultimately, William’s central claims reveal the value in the supposed…

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  • The Glass Menagerie Analysis

    at the zoo, or the local conservatory, slipping even further from reality. Laura preferred to be locked in her own fantasy world, far from the real world. She could care less about getting a career or finding gentlemen, much to her mother’s dislike. Amanda wants her to be an intelligent woman, able to entertain potential suitors with her brains and character, just like she supposedly did when she was younger. Amanda cannot accept her daughter’s peculiar personality, nagging on her supposed…

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  • What Is Howl's Moving Castle?

    232 pages and consists of 21 chapters in total. This novel is regarded as a fantasy novel since it features a strong presence of magic. Since magic is the key element of the novel, its presence has a strong connection with other elements of the novel, especially with the character. For that reason, this novel is selected as the object of the study since the present study focuses on analyzing the construction of major character’s identity in relation to the presence of…

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  • Fantasy In Ernest Bormann's The Breakfast Club

    Fantasies provide an escape from the daily hassles of life. When one thinks of a fantasy, one may conjure up things like unicorns flying in the wind, elves dancing around a Christmas tree, or like the poem expresses, touching dragonflies and stars. All incidences are unreal, imaginative. Ernest Bormann, however, had another perspective on fantasy altogether. Fantasy is dimensionally acquired through dramatization and rhetorical vision. “Rhetorical vison is considered to be construction of a…

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  • The Dark Crystal Film Analysis

    attempt at creating a fantasy motion picture filmed entirely with intricate animatronics and puppets. The film is complete with heroes, villains and the other main elements of fantastical narratives as described by Russian scholar and folklorist Vladimir Propp in his breakthrough work, Morphology of the Folktale, which states that there is a sequence of 31 functions — certain actions that a character fulfills in order to advance the plot towards the “happy ending” — that can be applied to any…

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  • The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane Analysis

    In the book The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, there are a lot of themes that can be found and applied to the real world, even though this book is a fantasy book. These themes can help you deal with hardships in your life. An example of one theme would be the theme of love. The theme I will be talking about is that you have to go through the times where there’s sadness and the times where there’s happiness, because where there is sadness, there is happiness. Or in another term, when there…

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  • Margaret Atwood Fairy Tale Analysis

    There are several elements from fairy tales that exist in the novel. Margaret Atwood has received a fantasy award for her pieces of work honoring her for her writing that makes it interesting to read. Similarly, after reading just a few pages of the novel, I see how elements of fairy tale are used in order to create a motif or morals like a fairy tale does. For example, as the author states, “…some fairy-tale figure in a red cloak, descending towards a moment of carelessness that is the same as…

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  • Where The Wild Things Are Book Analysis

    A Look Into The World Of Fantasy Fantasy as we know it today is by far the most difficult of all the genres to pinpoint a clear definition. In the book A Critical Handbook of Children’s Literature 9th Edition, it is defined to “depict a world unlike the one we usually call real.” (Lukens, Smith, Coffel, 2013) and others have define it has magical or dreamlike places. No matter how you define it the goal of Fantasy is to take readers away from the normalcy of everyday life and has long done so…

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  • A True Hero In Don Quixote By Cervantes

    himself as an instant hero regardless of the fact that a true hero is a product of their environment, not their mind. In Don Quixote’s fantasies, he wants to become a legend in his own time. Quixote’s private world of fantasies, which he has created from his library, is interlaced with the world of reality that he encounters. At many times, it involves people who are not aware of his fantasies; therefore, this causes a conflict between himself and those he interacts with in his adventures. Some…

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