I Want To Pursue Of Family Medicine

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Inspiration prompts motivation. Motivation drives perseverance. To be a physician requires constant hardwork , dedication and vision. It is with realization that I embarked on my medical journey years ago and it is what fuels my ambition for Family Medicine.
The multitudinous and intricate working of the human body has always fascinated me. Each patient presents a different permutation. I witnessed Ampicillin improving a patient’s savage upper respiratory tract infection. Soon after, the same antibiotic caused an unsightly rash in a patient misdiagnosed with infectious mononucleosis. Such subtle but important clinical experiences teach me the importance of gathering clinical signs, diagnosing and managing patients accurately. This versatility of the science makes Family Medicine challenging and stimulating to me. Further fueling my passion for clinical medicine, The Washington’s Manual of Clinical Medicine described as the ‘Bible of medical ward ‘spurred
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I adapt easily to new environments and scenarios and learn quickly from them. My consistent performance through medical school bears testimony to the above. I recognize that throughout my career as a physician, I will function dually as a student and a teacher, and I have the zest required to learn and, take steps for the development of the field.
In my pursuit of Family Medicine, I hope to place in a residency program able to provide me with a well-rounded medical experience, amidst faculty who challenge us with questioning medicine , charging us with discovering answers and one that focuses on evidence based medicine and community accessible health care. My strength as a physician rests on my advanced clinical skills, strong academic background , diverse patient exposure and strong communication skills .Simply put, I feel Family Medicine fits into me as I fit into it, like a perfectly balanced

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