Mapleton Family Medicine Case Study

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Improving Quality and Productivity at Mapleton Family Medicine
Bethany Dyer

Mapleton Family Medicine is a physician group located in the Midwest. The practice makes up eight physicians with two of them being owners, and the other six physicians are salaried. At Mapleton Family Medicine the owners are concerned with quality and productivity. Implementation of a new compensation program is being considered. Although physicians are the target for the pay-for-performance compensation plan, patients must be considered as well to ensure they are receiving high quality care. Regarding a pay-for-performance or value based compensation program, owners need to remain focused on quality care, supporting the physician to physician
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“Evidence on the impact that pay for performance programs have on quality of care is mixed at best. However, some evidence suggests that at least some physicians do believe that incentive programs lead to improved quality of care” (Endsley 69-74). To improve on the overall quality of care it is encouraged that physicians voluntarily agree to participate in the program rather than being mandated to do so. Financial incentives affect physician behavior. Offering positive financial incentives rather than negative consequences and allowing physicians to remain engaged in the program will also help to improve quality of care (Wikipedia Contributors 2018). Another concern is physician competition regarding bonuses. “Competitive bonus programs, are thought to provide a stronger incentive to improve performance because even those with high baseline performance face the threat of not being rewarded if others improve and they do not. Noncompetitive programs, in which all providers have the opportunity to implement structural quality measures to obtain a share of the reward pool, may provide less of an incentive to improve quality” (Rosenthal 127-141). “Consider a bridge program. Never decrease base pay in order to put in an incentive plan. Nothing will erode the trust level …show more content…
The owners have requested an advisor to evaluate their proposed compensation plan. They are seeking advice on the implementation of the proposed compensation plan, potential negative consequences, and physician input. The proposed compensation plan is a pay for performance/value based performance plan. There are potential conflicts regarding pay for performance, however there are many positives as well. Quality measures have been developed, and focusing on quality patient centered care takes priority. Ensuring that patients and their families are cared for appropriately while being able to improve productivity is necessary to maintain a successful business. Mapleton Family Medicine wants to remain a successful business while providing high quality

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