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  • Emily Murphy's Contribution To Canadian Feminism

    involved a group of five women known as the “famous five”, Emily Murphy was a part of this group fighting for women’s right to be considered ‘persons’. Emily was also a part of the Dower act, this case was for an Alberta women who was left homeless after her husband sold their and property and left with all the money. Emily started this case so that married women could have property rights. Emily Murphy played a large role in gaining rights for Canadian women today. Emily was born in Crookstown, Ontario in 1868 into a family of 2 boys and one girl. Murphy was encouraged by her father to join her brothers on adventures and often shared the same responsibilities. The Murphy family was involved in law and politics, which could be the inspiration behind Emily’s success in that field. Emily attended an Anglican private school for girls in Toronto where she then met her future husband Arthur Murphy.…

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  • Informative Speech On Chaubelo

    kid. Well my dog had a medium sized body and looked like he was a baby lab but a really big one that’s why we named him Chabelo. Chabelo will always have a place in my heart. Chabelo was playful, noble, obedient, and he was my first real dog that I ever had. First, Chabelo was a playful dog; we owned a 4-acre yard so all the yard was his. Chabelo always used to play with his ball he had a roll it all around. He also used to play catch a lot, I always threw him a stuffed animal so he can bring…

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  • The Mysterious Hartley House Short Story

    The Mysterious Hartley House It was a blustery fall day in Dublin, Ireland. Margaux Roberts glanced out the rain-spotted window at the countryside. Even though her and her family had only spent one day in Ireland, Margaux already hated it there. She wished that she could have just stayed at home in Colorado where all her friends were. Margaux had never been a very outgoing person and she preferred to read books and listen to her music rather than go to parties and hang out with people. Making…

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  • The Miracle Birth Analysis

    Ashten Lolley The Miracle Birth Payton Holmes, a young, beautiful woman at the age of twenty-one was a kindergarten teacher at the River Town elementary school. A stunning man by the name of Haden Clark was twenty-three years old and was a post office worker in that town. Payton and Haden had attended the same church since they were little children. It was now that Haden was older that he realized the admiration and love he had for Payton. One day as Mrs. Holmes was teaching her…

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  • Persuasive Adoption Shelter Speech

    overpopulation, saves lives, and often cost less. INTRODUCTION: I. Meet Nala, the most famous cat on the Instagram with more than 2.8 million followers. II. Before she became an Internet sensation, Nala was an abandoned rescue cat. III. She was born into an overly-cat-populated home. IV. She was about five months old when she was taken away to a local shelter in Los Angeles because her owners who couldn’t…

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  • Research Paper On Saint Bernard

    In this I will be telling you a little bit about the saint bernard. By the end of this paper you will know the saint bernards history/origin, the vitals about the dog and the temperament of the dog. The saint bernard started as a guard in switzerland and continued that for a long period of time. After awhile it became famous and popular, for being a rescue dog in the snowy mountains. They were also used by the Hospice and they were a refuge for travelers through the dangerous Alpine pass…

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  • Informative Essay On Pitbull

    Do these puppies look vicious? I hope everyone's answer was a no because they are not they are the most lovable, loyal, and trustworthy dogs a girl could dream of. These puppies are my best friends and I hope everyone would feel safe being around them. But I haven’t told you the “scary” part yet these dogs are Pitbulls yes the “scary” breed of dogs that most people hate. Here's a little background information of what a Pitbull actually is not one specific breed even though that’s what many…

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  • Bc Spca Commercial

    being shown, the song ‘In the Arms of an Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan is being played in the background. Logos which is logic is shown by giving statistics; “Every single hour in BC, an animal is violently abused” “Three thousand animals were rescued last year” “For hundreds of others, help came too late” Quickly the clips stop and the scene turns into Sarah McLachlan sitting in a room while petting a large dog next to her. McLachlan is petting the dog on camera to show the viewers that she cares…

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  • Personal Essay On Tia Torres: My Modern Hero

    willingness to save those who need saving and help the misguided get back on track. Tia Torres famous not only because of her show Pitbulls and Parolees, or her rescue Villalobos but because of her love for misguided animals and people. Tia Torres came from a broken beginning, she lived with her stepmother who she always called mom and didn't have a father figure. Even in those times she still had the heart and strength to take in stray animals,whether it was a horse or a goat. After moving out…

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  • Romulus And Remus Research Paper

    There have always been stories about animals that bring up children. One of the most famous is the story of Romulus and Remus; the twin boys who were raised by a wolf. When the brothers grew up they founded the city of Rome. While this is a legend, there are many modern stories about children being raised by wolves, which are believed by many people. In an Indian jungle in 1867 a boy was found by some hunters. They said he was living with wolves – he was about six years old. He was named Dina…

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