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  • Australian Family Law

    TO WHAT EXTENT DOES THE LAW REFLECT MORAL AND ETHICAL STANDARDS OF AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY IN RELATION TO FAMILY MEMBERS? Family law refers to the area of the Australian Legal System (ALS) which is responsible for issues involving family members including domestic violence, divorce, marriage, surrogacy, and equality between de facto and same sex couples. It is of extreme importance that the ALS protects all family members with a main emphasis on the rights and obligations of parents and children. In regards to a reflection of the moral and ethical standards of Australian society in relation to family members, the ALS has displayed effectiveness towards the reform of laws surrounding domestic violence, divorce, and marriage, however, the ALS is…

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  • Family Law Case Analysis

    There are always many disputes after the breakdown of marriage between the two parties, such as custody and spousal support. The issue of spousal support often generates significant controversy and discussion. The new Divorce Act, which was enacted in 1985 and still remain effective today, is the federal Act that governs divorce including the order of spousal support in Canada (Boyd, 2015). This essay will discuss how the courts views the issue of spousal support in Lee v Lee (2014), a family…

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  • Family Law Act 1975

    ASSESSING “SPECIAL” CONTRIBUTIONS PURSUIANT TO S 79(4) OF THE FAMILY LAW ACT 1975 (CTH) 13337720 I INTRODUCTION In distributing property, the Court must assess the parties’ respective contribution during the marriage under s 79(4) of the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) to the extent that it is just and equitable. The scenario of “special” contribution arises where one party possesses a “special skill” which in turn results in a significant increase in the asset pool of the parties’ in a long-term…

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  • The Origins Of Law: The Origin Of Family

    When discussing the origin of law with close friends or relatives, you may soon discover that everyone has a different opinion on the source of law and how it emerged. Did law first come into practice when we started to have conflicts among fellow human beings? Or has law been on this earth since the beginning of time. After the consideration of the origin of law, we then also have to consider the development of the legal system. Law is a very complex subject; It has different meanings and parts…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Family Law

    Civil union disputes that led to lawsuits are the growing part of Family Law. The law looks into the fact that a civil union is a legal choice which has been joined through traditional marriage and only through a law suit will the dissolution of the civil union be acquired. Additionally, other issues included in the law are adoption and child custody, property and inheritance issues, and a lot more. Family Law cannot be limited within the limitations of societal, economic or legal rules. There…

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  • Formal Social Controls: How Laws Affect My Family

    The formal social controls which govern society are known as laws. Every family is affected by the laws of our society, some more than others. Laws tend to stem from society’s established norms, and over time, as the norms of society change, old laws may be altered or overwritten and new laws may be established. As I am not a United States citizen and I am in same-sex relationship with an African American woman, immigration and same-sex marriage laws greatly affect my family. Laws regarding…

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  • Case Study: Clearwater Divorce Lawyer And Family Law

    Clearwater Divorce Lawyer and Family Law Attorney At Clearwater Law, we know that conflicts involving the family are one of the most difficult and emotionally taxing situations a person can face. Because of this, our focus is to not only give you the best possible results in court but also assist you in creating a plan for the new beginning you are about to embark upon. It is common for questions and uncertainties to come up when dealing with divorce. We can help you clear all the confusion in…

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  • Family Law Research Paper

    Family Law and The Right to Life This Policy Statement on Family Law and The Right to Life covers firstly abortion and then Euthanasia. Abortion is currently legal in New Zealand under certain circumstances. While Euthanasia is illegal. It is recommended that abortion becomes illegal, and that Euthanasia remains illegal. Christian ideologies and principles would state that abortion and Euthanasia are contrary to the will of God. Every life is a gift, and its sanctity should be respected.…

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  • Why Should Gay Adoption Be Allowed Essay

    unfound families” (Core Values). Families together are one not anything different from every other family. No matter race, color, or the type of family. Adoption is just a way for anybody who wants to create a family would be able to have the access to have a family of their own. Even to the families who are not able to have a child or does not have a partner to have a child. The National Adoption Center allows the families in need to adopt a child in need of a loving family. Many people have…

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  • Jenny's Argumentative Essay: The Lesbian Rights

    When reminiscing on her childhood, Jenny Rain could recall the injustices and skepticism that her family would face on a day-to-day basis. Jenny remembers overhearing hurtful slurs that were directed towards her and her family during one of their visits to the Virginia Beach boardwalk. The remarks that Jenny overheard people say ignited a fire in her, whereas her two dads were oblivious to the snide comments. Later in life, Jenny came to the realization that the fate of same-sex couples to be…

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