First Nations

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  • First Nations In Canada

    First Nations people in Canada comprised the different cultures the six geographical groups. The differences occurred in spiritual beliefs, food resources, and social organization. The first group, the woodlands first nations comprised of independent groups who possessed great courage and skills for hunting. The Iroquoians were excellent farmers and had permanent settlements that enabled them to have democratic systems of government. The Huron-Wendat based their leadership on councils that made laws that governed people. The Plains composed of the migration groups. The differences in these groups made Canada to be a diverse society in the 20th century. The First Nations was separated from the other Canadians on social, political and economic…

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  • First Nations Community

    The members of Canada’s First Nation’s community are suffering at the hands of our past government and justice system. Looking at the issue of the numerous missing women, high rates of suicide and drug abuse and currently the reconciliation issue of residential schools. The policing of persons belonging to the First Nation community in Canada are not fair nor equal compared to the policing of other Canadians such as Caucasians. “It’s (sic) could be a suicide, accidental, she got drunk and fell…

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  • Reflection On First Nations Studies

    Through the progression of this course, various aspects of history were viewed, in addition to concepts that are still associated to the lives of Aboriginal peoples today. While carrying some previous, biased knowledge on the topics discussed, First Nations Studies allowed the development of many ideas as well as the differing perspectives on each. Via the use of assorted reading selections, tutorial discussions, guest speakers, lectures, and a variety of other forms, I was able to take away a…

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  • British Colonialism Analysis

    answered by exploring and comparing the First…

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  • Oka Crisis Analysis

    of an officer by their protest. The Oka crisis brings forward examples of race, class, and political affiliation in Oka’s society, but the injustice faced by indigenous people to this date. The existence of a socioeconomic gap between indigenous and non-indigenous people is quite obvious during that time (Scott, 2015). It is as if the members of societies all over Canada know, but choose to ignore it because they don’t lose anything. For example, “The United Nations Human Development Index has…

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  • Residential School System

    For almost three centuries prior, Aborigninals and European settlers co-existed in a fairly peaceful manner. By the mid 19th century issues arose when expansionist policies pushed settlers to the west. This led to there being a direct competeition for land and resources between the settlers and Aboriginals. The native peoples of the west became “obstacles of the newcomers” (Miller, J. 2006). In the face of brewing conflict, Sir, John A. Macdonald began to view the natives as nusances to the…

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  • Aboriginal Health

    Over a hundred years ago, the aboriginal people of Canada had a great systematic health structure that catered to their beliefs and spirituality (Reading & Wien, 2009). Their ideology of health was centered around the importance of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being to enhance their health, but this has altered over the years (Reading & Wien, 2009). When the Europeans first arrived in what is now called Canada, the relationship they had with the aboriginal people started off…

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  • James Smith Cree Nation Analysis

    “As long as the sun shines, the grass flows and the rivers flow” (jamessmithcreenation, n.d.). With over two hundred thousand members living in Canada, the Cree are one of the largest groups of First Nations in Canada and in North America. The James Smith Cree Nation is a diversion of the Cree Nation; a Cree First Nation band government. An agreement between band governments of First Nations at Fort Carlton over owned territory; current provinces of Saskatchewan and Alberta (Postl et al. 2010).…

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  • Essay On Inequalities In Canada

    When people are asked to describe Canada, usually the first thing that comes to mind are words like “polite” or “kind.” People tend to forget the way certain people have been or are treated based only the colour of their skin. Inequalities have existed in Canada persistently and still exist today. Major examples of inequalities in Canadian history is the treatment of First Nations people and the treatment of Chinese-Canadians. These are only a couple of the millions of examples of discrimination…

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  • Aboriginal Literature

    HOW SHOULD ONE APPROACH ABORIGINAL LITERATURES? Abstract The paper helps the readers in understanding of Aboriginal issues. It increases the readers’ awareness and understanding of the history, cultures, world views, and contributions of Indigenous peoples in Canada. It enables the readers examine the history, the diversity of cultural, linguistic, racial, and religious of groups of First Nations peoples in Canada, and it exhorts the readers to prepare themselves to live harmoniously in a…

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