First Punic War

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  • Cause And Effect Of The First Punic War

    Tension built between Rome and Carthage, finally reaching the breaking point in 264 BC. The first Punic War started because Rome was afraid that Carthage would control the Mediterranean Sea and Carthage feared that Rome would conquer their colonies on the island of Sicily. When the war began, Rome used land tactics at sea which hadn’t been done before. Their newly formed navy would ram enemy ships and use “boarding bridges” to board Carthaginian ships. This allowed them to do something they were good at: hand-to-hand combat. After twenty-three years of fighting, Carthage finally asked for peace. The Romans granted it to them, for a price. Carthage had to pay a large amount of money and give up their colonies on Sicily. The second Punic…

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  • The Punic Wars: A Comparative Study

    While studying the history of the archaic forces that fought in the Punic Wars, it is important to understand the rise of each side involved. The Punic Wars were fought between the powerhouses of the Western Mediterranean. On one side was the well established Carthaginians and on the other was the up and coming Romans. Both dominant city states would expand and eventually rise to conflict against each other. This essay will delve into the aspects that allowed Carthage to reign successful and…

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  • The Influence Of Carthage

    to incorporate all residents in citizens which created social stability in the city state. Just like Rome, Carthage too had two social classes among her residents and this setting never changed until her demise. This meant that Carthage was prone to riots since some members of society never had no rights or had limited rights. In conclusion, these two great city states had some similarities, but were generally different in many ways. They were nearly equal in strength and resources, but…

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  • Livy And Polybius Pinpoint As The Cause Of The Second Punic War

    What do Livy and Polybius pinpoint as the causes of the Second Punic War? Why should historians treat their interpretations with caution? The Second Punic War of 218-201BC demonstrated a challenge for Rome to prove its power against Carthage, and to finally establish itself as the greatest and most powerful city-state of the Mediterranean. The accounts of Roman historian Livy and Greek historian Polybius allow events surrounding the Second Punic War to be analyzed and explained in terms of…

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  • Compare And Contrast Wars And Punic Wars

    Punic War 1 vs. Punic War 2 The Punic Wars were an important part of Roman History starting in 264 BCE (Duiker). The Romans and taken over what they wanted in Italy and were on a quest to conquer the entire Mediterranean area. There were Three Punic Wars and they were between Rome and Carthage. Carthage was the location where the Phoenicians settled in 800 BCE (Duiker). The reason for the Punic Wars was the land of Sicily. Both cities wanted control of Sicily for its strong economy. War 1…

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  • Second Punic War Analysis

    discusses about the Second Punic War (B.C 218-201) in three different periods, the Hannibal?s Invasion of Italy from Saguntum to Cannae (B.C. 218-216), Early Victories to Recall of Hannibal, and the Battle of Zama and End of the War (B.C. 201). During each period, the paper will briefly cover about the economic inducements, the inevitability of the conflict, the miscalculation of Roman motives by the Carthaginians, and the character of Hannibal. With the exception of the miscalculation of Roman…

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  • Lake Trasimene Research Paper

    The battle of Lake Trasimene was a major battle in the second Punic war which was led by Hannibal. The Carthaginians defeated the romans with the consul of Gaius Flaminius Hannibal Barca, was a Punic military commander from Carthage, known as one of the greatest military commanders in history during the Second Punic War (218-202 BCE). His father Hamilcar Barca was the leading Carthaginian commander during the First Punic War (241 BCE); which ended in defeat of the Carthaginians against the…

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  • Roman Military Essay

    During the second Punic War, there was an ongoing battle which would decide the fate of Rome, and perhaps Europe. Hamilcar, who was the general of the Carthaginians at the time, was struggling to pay back the money the owed to Rome. In an effort to earn to money in order to pay Rome back, they decided to take over a part of southern Spain which was rich in silver mines. The issue with this was that Rome was taking over parts of northern Spain which had plenty of gold mines. The Romans and the…

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  • Rise And Fall Of The Roman Republic

    comes many dilemmas. The development of early Rome was fundamental to the rise and fall of the political and economic developments of the late Roman Republic. In 753, we begin to see the rise of the Roman Republic. Rome had just taken over Italy, which was known for containing great fertile agriculture, valuable to Rome. Soon after Rome had taken over Italy, Rome fought the Carthaginians in the first Punic Wars. Carthage was a well-established commercial empire that made its fortune through…

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  • Positive Effects Of Conquest In Rome

    great cities had slavery, and decided that this was the answer. At first, Rome did not enslave those they had conquered. However this all changed around 146 B.C., when slavery officially became the driving force of Roman economy (“Effects of Conquest in Rome”, 2007). Many of the slaves were small farmers who had lost their land during the Second Punic War, and needed a way of making end’s meet. Hannibal’s invasion caused the destruction of their land (farmers burned their land to prevent…

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