The Punic Wars: A Comparative Study

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While studying the history of the archaic forces that fought in the Punic Wars, it is important to understand the rise of each side involved. The Punic Wars were fought between the powerhouses of the Western Mediterranean. On one side was the well established Carthaginians and on the other was the up and coming Romans. Both dominant city states would expand and eventually rise to conflict against each other. This essay will delve into the aspects that allowed Carthage to reign successful and come close to overpowering the great and mighty Rome. Furthermore, it will discuss the strengths of both city-states and how Rome became a naval powerhouse by the end of the First Punic War. In 814 B.C. the city of Carthage was founded, becoming the …show more content…
According to Morey, Rome grew as it expanded its reaches across the Mediterranean, obtaining power over the majority of Latium, northern Campania, southern Etruria, the Sabine country, Picenum, and a portion of Umbria (Morey, 1901). Roman power also consisted of the thirty-three tribes, the Roman colony citizens who would colonnade where they pleased claiming Roman territory, and the Roman municipia territories. Along with the Roman owned territories, the Romans were associated with a multitude of allies through treaties that required their allies to come to their defense in an act of war. Furthermore, the Romans had a strong governmental structure that was in comparison similar to that of the Carthage, however Rome had better organization when it came to its government and perhaps, this is a reflection of the victories throughout the Punic Wars over Carthage. With a structured government, came a mighty and efficient army. However, unlike the hired mercenaries of the Carthage naval fleet, the Romans trained their own citizens to fight and when necessary any male citizens between the ages of 17-45 were required to serve within the army (Morey, 1901). Through experienced citizens and an amazing structure in which the army followed including, training, division of army, order of battle and the strategic placement of military roads; the Roman army was just as …show more content…
The Romans would win some and lose some; they would endure mass casualties at the hands of Hannibal and his brothers and would be faced with feats they never imagined. The Carthaginians would start out strong and take the Romans by surprise utilizing ambush tactics and providing epic defense that no one would of thought Rome could come back from, however in the end of each of the remaining Punic Wars when it was least expected, the Romans would regroup and reign victorious over a battered and bruised Carthage.

In conclusion, each superpower was brilliant beyond their time, well-led by amazing generals who were equally charismatic. Carthage held numerous victories over Rome and rose to the top several times throughout each war, however, in the end, Rome always shined proving it’s governmental ran army had what it took to overrun the vicious Carthaginian barbarians for hire. Rome, who was once looked at as Carthage, won its way into the history books as the most innovative and powerful forces of its

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