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The struggle for power between Rome and Carthage had heightened during the First Punic War. Carthage was quickly becoming and equal of Rome with her presence in the Mediterranean Sea. Rome and Carthage had strengths of their own and would utilize these strengths in battle. The outcome of the First Punic War was significant in changing both the Roman Republic and the Carthaginian empire. Although they were closely matched in stature, only one would ultimately benefit from the war.
Carthage grew to be the capital of a great commercial empire on the northern coast of Africa. This city was settled by the Phoenicians from Tyre. Carthage had a similar government to Rome's and its power was based on trade and commercial supremacy. Carthage was the "Great Merchant of the Mediterranean," (Morey, 1901). Rome and Carthage were nearly equal in strength and resources. The greatness of Carthage was shown in wealth, while the greatness of Rome shown in the darkest of hours of trials.
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Carthage showed her strength in wealth and commercial resources. Rome had better organization, a more efficient army, and a steadfast body of citizens who were committed to the republic. Rome showed her strength in the character of the people and a well organized political system. Although Carthage could be equated to Rome, the differences in strengths would determine the outcome of the First Carthaginian War.
The First Punic War, also known as the First Carthaginian War (Britannica, 1998), began in 264 BC and ended in 241 BC. This war between Rome and Carthage was a battle for the possession of the island of Sicily. It began when the Mamertines called upon Rome for help in defending them against the King of Syracuse. Rome helped for fear of Carthage support and their increasing presence on the island. All three had a current stake on the island of Sicily and Rome wanted control. In 262 BC, Rome conquered

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