Differences Between Carthage And Rome

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There were three major wars between the Carthage and the Roman, the first Punic war last 23 years, the second Punic war- 18 years, and the third Punic war- 3 years long. In this summary, we will focus on the strength of two empires. Roman Empire, a nation of war, victory include Latin war in 338 BC, Second Samnite war in 304 BC, Third Samnite war in 290 BC, and Southern Italy in 275 BC (Morey, 1901). These trails of wars showed Rome power, experience, and became the most superior army in the region. By the end of the first Punic War in 241 BC, Rome will become the most powerful naval in the Mediterranean Sea. For each Punic War, the Roman emerged victorious until the last war, Carthage was no more (Carthage, roman-empire, n.d.).

Carthage VS Rome: Wealth
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The land of commerce where trading prospered. The Carthage gained many trading colonies throughout the Northern African and Sicily. The Sicily locates just south of Italy and surround by water that make the ideal trading outpost to other cities. Although history showed a great wealth of the Carthage, Rome was at their heels. In 241 BC, Rome lost one sixth of population and majority of their treasury, yet able to pull enough money to build 200 warships that led to victory (Morey, 1901). Our textbook did not identify how Rome earned her income. However, throughout the book, Rome imposed large amount of money from cities which her conquered. This appears to be a tradition where winner would ravage the defeated. From our last lesson, Rome became an empire and conquered her neighbor cities. I would assume a large income received each

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