Roman Empire Change Over Time Essay

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Throughout an empire's history many things happen that change the state of the empire. Also, some things stay consistent throughout a span of time. Empires have both continuities and changes throughout its history. While military activeness remained throughout 322-324, the religion changed, along with the division of Rome.
Rome’s military was active throughout 322 BC-324 AD. In 264 BC Rome was involved in the Punic Wars with Carthage, a rival of the Roman empire. Rome emerged victorious and gained territory in Corsica, Sardinia, and Carthage. Near the middle of the time period, Julius Caesar's army conquered Gaul from 58-51 BC. During the latter parts of the time period, Constantine invaded italy in 312 AD.
Although their military activness remained throughout the period the religion changed. Early in the time period the religion was based on the Roman Pantheon. At this time many
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The Roman Emperor Diocletian split the Roman empire to an Eastern and Western empire. The reason Diocletian had to split the empire was that the Roman Empire spanned over too much land and the government could not possibly control all of it. The Eastern half was ruled out of Byzantium and the Western half was governed out of Rome. the Roman empire would then have two emperors one to govern the East and one to govern the West. Both of these sections were known as the Roman Empire.
These are some of the continuities and changes throughout 322 BC-324 AD. The military activeness remained, but the religion changed along with the divide of the empire. Rome’s military conquered in Carthage, with the Punic Wars. Territory was also gained in Gaul with Julius Caesar’s conquest. The religion changed when Christianity emerged and was accepted by Emperor Constantine. Doclens’ division of the empire changed the course of Roman history. These similarities and changes throughout 322 BC-324 AD affected the history and future of the Roman

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