Similarities Between Ancient Rome And Ancient Greece

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Most countries have an army to protect their countries values and citizens, but not all countries run their military the same way. Between ancient Greece and Rome, there were many similarities and differences between the two armies. Ancient Greece and Rome both had wars that contained similar and different tactics including: the weapons/objects brought to the fight, along with the formation of the soldiers fighting in battle, and how the outcome of the wars affected their civilization after the war had come to a conclusion. Every society brings their own individual items to the table when preparing for battle, just like ancient Greece and Rome brought similar things to their own independent battles. When Greek troops were sent to battle, they brought shields and spears, …show more content…
The armor was so padded and heavy that once you fell during battle, you could probably not stand back up. Soldiers also wore tied on heel and ankle guards along with leg guards that went all the way up to the knee. Helmets worn by soldiers were coned shaped and usually made out of boar’s tusks and leather. A strip of leather was wrapped around the chin to connect with cheek pieces. Aside from the spear, next in line for the soldier’s weapon was a sword. In Macedonia, a curved iron 17.7-inch blade sword was the favorite. Besides the physical weapons used by the soldiers, they also brought cavalry with them. Most men were on foot, but a there was a section of the men that rode in on horses. This allowed them to crush the other team’s men. Ancient Greece had great military weapons and equipment, but so did Rome. Just like Greece, ancient Rome also used cavalry to defeat their enemies, but Rome had saddles and later on in time got stirrups. In contrast to Greece, Rome’s men got supplied equipment and weapons based on their wealth. They were broken down into five groups. Hoplites was the wealthiest group and the men got helmets,

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