Similarities And Differences Of Julius Caesar

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Julius Caesar has many similarities and differences from real life to Shakespeare’s version of Julius Caesar. I am going to focus on the differences, similarities, and omitted facts between the two Julius Caesars. First I will tell about all the differences, then I will go through the similarities, and finally the omitted facts. Here I will tell you about the differences between the actual history of Julius Caesar and Shakespeare’s play. Shakespeare intended to play to be in the 18 century, but the actual Julius Caesar was in B.C. In the actual Julius Caesar, he suffers the falling sickness twice during his speech but in Shakespeare’s play, he only suffers from the falling sickness once. In actual life, people heard that Caesar was going to …show more content…
When Caesar was still very young, he participated in many military activities that Shakespeare did not include in his play. For example, Caesar was awarded the civic crown for saving a citizen’s life in battle while he was on duty in the military during 79 B.C. In 75 B.C., Caesar was kidnapped by Cilician pirates while he was sailing to Greece. During captivity, he had a good relationship with the pirates and told them that he was going to get back at them once he was released. Once he got out of captivity, he found them again and since they were so nice to him, Julius slit their throats so they wouldn’t suffer as long. In 72 B.C. Pompey elected Caesar as military tribune. Then when both of his aunts, Cornelia which was his wife and Julia, died, he spoke at both of their funerals and emphasized his connections with his family and Marius who was married to Caesar’s aunt, Julia. Caesar left Rome for 9 years in the hope that he would eventually conquer Central Europe, which would let the Mediterranean land open up to civilization in 58 B.C. This was an aggressive act because of his own personal ambitious behavior. During 54 B.C., Caesar was the leader of a three month expedition to Britain, but didn’t get a permanent base there. Later he started a civil war in Northern Italy and that is when Pompey fled to Greece. After a couple of months, Caesar became so powerful that he controlled the whole Italian peninsula and

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