Julius Caesar Research Paper

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Julius Caesar was the first dictator for life and had shaped Rome for ever. Julius Caesar was born on either 12th or 13th of July in 100 BC in Rome to a well known but awfully poor family. Caesar’s life started at 16 when his father, Gaius, died, as a result Julius grew closer to his mother Aurelia. Julius at a young age had an ambition for politics and the idea of becoming apart of the Roman political system grew because of unstable order among the republicans. Caesar took a great step forward towards politics when he married Cornelia a daughter of Sulla a powerful man and dictator in Rome, Sulla had no part in the marriage and forced Caesar to leave or risk losing his property, Julius didn’t back down. Sulla was enraged and chased after Caesar …show more content…
Caesar was known as a ferocious warrior and tactician using his wits he would win many of his fights with his enormous trust in the men around him. His trust in his men was seen by the army around him as his army had full trust in him to see them through to the end of the battle. Caesar’s arrogance was noticed by those in Consul and many of the politicians believed that Caesar would be unfit to rule Rome. Caesar was apart of many historical events but the ones he is most famous for are those that he fought against his allies of Rome.

His most deciding battle against the Roman Consuls was the battle of Munda from 49-45 BC starting on March 17th. The Battle began when the Optimates were defeated at Pharsalus and Thapsus by Caesar. In Hispania (modern day Spain) Pompey 's sons Gnaeus, Sextus and Pompeius formulated a plan with the help of general Titus Labienus to raise an army within the borders of Caesar’s army. Moving quickly the newly formed renegade army seized most of Hispania, Italica and Corduba. These successive and successful attacks caused confusion amongst Caesar’s generals but they were willing to wait for

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