Similarities Between Lincoln And Julius Caesar

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Comparing Gaius Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln is not very hard. These men undeniably carved history to this day. Both men were yes different because what two people are the same? But they were very much alike as well; both ran countries at some point, and both men are still admired now. You can't compare these two without talking about both deaths; both were assassinated. Gaius Julius Caesar known as Julius Caesar was known for being a Roman dictator. He was born July 30th 100 BC, in Rome, Italy. Caesar was a politician, general, and the author of Latin Prose. In the early 60s BC, he made his success in a political and military career. "Rising fast, he campaigned successfully for the consulship in 60 B.C and struck a deal with two of Rome's leading figures, Pompey the Great and Crassus." Together they controlled Rome throughout the 50s B.C before Caesar and Pompey went to war after Crassus died. He later devoted his time to the conquest of Gaul; he later became governor of Cisalpine and Transalpine Gaul Italy. Caesar fought in a lot of wars in his time and got involved in Roman politics. He forever changed the Rome Empire forever. Gaius Julius Caeser died by assassination on March 15 44 BC. Caesar turned the Roman Republic into an unstoppable force. Abraham …show more content…
I am going to be talking about how much alike the two men were in their times. Both Caesar and Lincoln were leaders, they both had a tremendous amount of power. Lincoln and Caesar both ruled countries and made a huge difference to their countries. They both are still to this day adored for what they did for their countries, the world and how they were as men. Both men lost their parents at a very young age. Caesar and Lincoln both died from being assassinated; Lincoln protected the Union, and Caesar was a soldier in a lot of os ways. Both of these men were involved in many many

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