Similarities Between Rome And Carthaginian Government

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The Carthaginian government begins with the Popular Assembly, where the citizens elected the army generals, councils, suffetes, and the senate members. Similar to Rome’s government institution, which included an Assembly where citizens of men would elect consuls, tribunes, and magistrates. These two government institutions were founded under the influence of the wealthy group. For instance, the Carthaginians governmental power belonged to the wealthy of the Suffetes and Rome’s to the Patricians. Carthaginian 's two chief magistrates, aka the Suffetes, would compare to the Consuls of the Roman government. Although Carthage and Rome had some similarities in their political system, they were different.


The Two Suffetes
The early Carthage was under kingship, however, it was diminished during the development of the political evolution of Rome. The Carthaginian citizens met at the Popular Assembly, where they voted on policy and their government officials. In the Assembly, the citizens enjoyed the freedom of speech when voting on
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For instance, the Roman two consuls were similar to the Carthaginian two chief Suffetes. Then, the Roman senate was identical to Carthaginians 300 senators. Finally, both Rome and Carthage had a popular assembly within their government system. Prior to the Plebeian grievances, the Patricians would compare to Carthage government, which was ruled by the wealthy and prominent families. I strongly argue that even though Rome and Carthage were almost identical in their government bureaucracy, it was Rome’s perseverance to a cogent political organization that ushered the country into an imperial Rome. For instance, Rome’s utilization of dictatorship during times of great danger had geared Rome into

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