Difference Between Athenian And Ancient Greek Democracy

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Oxford dictionary defines Democracy as a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. When confronted with the definition of democracy, you can now consider what the Ancient Roman’s along what the Athenians meant by having a democracy. The main points that are important to this idea of Democracy are the change in officials which prompted the change in course of the Athenian government, as well as the Ancient Roman empire which allowed them to alter their political course as well, and lastly I will compare and contrast the Athenian and Ancient Roman Empire which will allow me to explain both societies democratic stance. The Athenian democracy resembled what we have today in modern day society, although it was not …show more content…
The base of the foundation consisted of lower-class citizens making choices that allowed for the success of the city. Instead of having a body of elected officials conduct and make the choices for the entire society. The Roman Empire consisted of a republic, and that group is made up of two elected officials, and a senate which the body consisted of three hundred members. Having a republic government made the society feel as if there was a division, and that consisted of the upper class vs. the lower class. While the Athenian people had a freer form of government, instead of being confined to one group they allowed the society to be free with convening and governing. The Athenian government stated that they were governed by the people, and that meant they were the peoples government. Although, they were not the perfect democratic government it was still easier for the lower-class citizens to be elected into office positions. Also, they were able to make choices and decisions that benefited the society as a

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