American Democracy Vs Greek Democracy

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Democracy is a form of government that the superior power is in the people directly or by the ones they elected for free. People all over the world have different beliefs about who invented democracy. Some think America did, others believe the Greeks did, and a few believe that the Native Americans where the real founders. After doing some research and reading a few articles I have come to the conclusion that the Greeks were indeed the original founders of American Democracy. The main reason that people don’t believe that Greeks are the founders is because that was one of their earliest forms of government and around 460 B.C they had evolved their democracy into an aristocracy, leaving it unclear that they had invented it way before it was …show more content…
According to, they’re talking about rival systems of government, for example a Democracy compared to a Monarchy. ”The other extreme is democracy (Greek for 'power of the people '), in which theoretically every adult can influence group decisions. Such an egalitarian approach is familiar to anthropologists, studying the customs of small tribal groups, but it has been a rarity in more developed societies.” This article brought up democracy and hinted what it was first called when invented by the greek’s, “Power of the People”, just some more evidence that proves my argument to be right that Greek’s are the founding Fathers of Democracy. A Greek historian who’s looked deeply into the topic talks about how Cleisthenes’ (president) put an end to the political decision making process and created this democracy for equality. “In a democracy,” the Greek historian Herodotus wrote, “there is, first, that most splendid of virtues, equality before the law.” It was true that Cleisthenes’ demokratia abolished the political distinctions between the Athenian aristocrats who had long monopolized the political decision-making process and the middle- and working-class people who made up the army and the navy (and whose incipient discontent was the reason Cleisthenes introduced his reforms in the first place).” This article goes to show how the president completely turned the tables that had been long set before him and switched straight over to a democracy to create equality in his country by giving every adult a say in the

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