Punic Wars

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  • The Punic Wars

    Midterm Essay B The Punic Wars were a series of three wars that occurred between the Romans and the Carthaginians. Although before the Punic Wars Romans were feared by many nations, the power they obtained afterwards was more significant than the potential they previously had. These three wars are consider extremely crucial to the history of Rome because during the wars Rome developed new technology and adapted different war strategies, they began to conquer nations over seas, and lastly Rome became the dominant power in the Mediterranean region. Having great military strategies and innovative technology that would put your enemies at disadvantage were two things that would help you win a war. Rome demonstrated during the first and the second…

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  • Punic Wars Research Paper

    2. Briefly discuss the Punic Wars. Why did they start and what was the ultimate impact all of this fighting had on Rome? The Romans had engaged in many wars because they did not want their neighboring countries to have more power than them or worried about those people becoming powerful. However, of all the wars that the Romans were involved in, the most memorable one is the Punic Wars. The First Punic War took place in (264-241 B.C.E), the cause of this particular war was because the Romans…

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  • Compare And Contrast Wars And Punic Wars

    Punic War 1 vs. Punic War 2 The Punic Wars were an important part of Roman History starting in 264 BCE (Duiker). The Romans and taken over what they wanted in Italy and were on a quest to conquer the entire Mediterranean area. There were Three Punic Wars and they were between Rome and Carthage. Carthage was the location where the Phoenicians settled in 800 BCE (Duiker). The reason for the Punic Wars was the land of Sicily. Both cities wanted control of Sicily for its strong economy. War 1…

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  • The Punic Wars: A Comparative Study

    While studying the history of the archaic forces that fought in the Punic Wars, it is important to understand the rise of each side involved. The Punic Wars were fought between the powerhouses of the Western Mediterranean. On one side was the well established Carthaginians and on the other was the up and coming Romans. Both dominant city states would expand and eventually rise to conflict against each other. This essay will delve into the aspects that allowed Carthage to reign successful and…

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  • Second Punic War Analysis

    discusses about the Second Punic War (B.C 218-201) in three different periods, the Hannibal?s Invasion of Italy from Saguntum to Cannae (B.C. 218-216), Early Victories to Recall of Hannibal, and the Battle of Zama and End of the War (B.C. 201). During each period, the paper will briefly cover about the economic inducements, the inevitability of the conflict, the miscalculation of Roman motives by the Carthaginians, and the character of Hannibal. With the exception of the miscalculation of Roman…

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  • Causes Of The Second Punic War

    second Punic war was the result of the growing rivalry between the two great powers that were now struggling for supremacy in the western Mediterranean (Rome and Carthage), with the trigger of the war being the rapid growth of the Carthaginian dominion in Spain, with Carthage building up a great empire in the Spanish peninsula, expecting to raise new armies to invade Italy. The second Punic war was a conflict of a military Carthaginian genius called Hannibal against Rome, and later shared…

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  • Cause And Effect Of The First Punic War

    Tension built between Rome and Carthage, finally reaching the breaking point in 264 BC. The first Punic War started because Rome was afraid that Carthage would control the Mediterranean Sea and Carthage feared that Rome would conquer their colonies on the island of Sicily. When the war began, Rome used land tactics at sea which hadn’t been done before. Their newly formed navy would ram enemy ships and use “boarding bridges” to board Carthaginian ships. This allowed them to do something they…

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  • Hannibal Barca's Second Punic War

    Hannibal Barca is widely considered to have been one of the greatest military commanders of all time. In the second Punic war, he marched an army of elephants, cavalry, and infantry over the Alps to assault Rome in their home territory, his most famous achievement, and fought a war that soaked Italy in blood for more than a decade. In the end, due to lack of support from Carthage, Hannibal was unable to take Rome itself, though he defeated many Roman armies, and he was forced to return to…

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  • Livy And Polybius Pinpoint As The Cause Of The Second Punic War

    What do Livy and Polybius pinpoint as the causes of the Second Punic War? Why should historians treat their interpretations with caution? The Second Punic War of 218-201BC demonstrated a challenge for Rome to prove its power against Carthage, and to finally establish itself as the greatest and most powerful city-state of the Mediterranean. The accounts of Roman historian Livy and Greek historian Polybius allow events surrounding the Second Punic War to be analyzed and explained in terms of…

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  • The Punic Wars Throughout History: The Battle Of Cannae

    Military tactics have evolved throughout history, one of the most important examples is the battle of Cannae. Facing all-out war against Rome for the second time, Carthage employed tactics the likes of which had not been seen. Hannibal Barca during the second Punic war forced Rome’s hand at the Battle of Cannae. Utilizing previous battle experience, the unorthodox makeup of his army and his overwhelming military tactics. Following the events of the first Punic war between Rome and carthage,…

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