The Punic Wars

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Midterm Essay B The Punic Wars were a series of three wars that occurred between the Romans and the Carthaginians. Although before the Punic Wars Romans were feared by many nations, the power they obtained afterwards was more significant than the potential they previously had. These three wars are consider extremely crucial to the history of Rome because during the wars Rome developed new technology and adapted different war strategies, they began to conquer nations over seas, and lastly Rome became the dominant power in the Mediterranean region. Having great military strategies and innovative technology that would put your enemies at disadvantage were two things that would help you win a war. Rome demonstrated during the first and the second …show more content…
They came to a clash because Romans started to conquer Sicilian cities and became allies with Syracuse. During the 260 B.C. Romans began to be at war with Carthage in seas at first and after they won their first naval war, at Mile with 120 ships, Romans decided to attack the city of Carthage in the year 256 B.C. In 241 B.C. the first Punic was ends when Lutatius won against Hamilcar near the Lipari islands. The second Punic war began a few decades after in the year 218 B.C. when the Carthaginians lead by Hannibal attacked Saguntum a city that was allied with Rome. The battle lasted almost two decades and in the meantime around five to six battles were fought, at the end during the year 201 B.C the Romans won and Carthaginians were no longer allow declaring war without Rome’s permissions and had to render multiple talents and supplies to Rome. Carthaginians also lost most of the African territory to Rome. The third Punic war, which started in 149 B.C. after Carthage, appeared to be flourishing economically after the wars and was doing better trades than Roman senators who owned farming lands around it. The senators began to feel worried and furious that Carthage was doing well economically and they saw this as a treat to their Empire. They began a campaign to destroy Carthage arguing that it was the only way for Rome to be completely secured from Carthaginians. Although it took them at least two years to go to war with Carthage, the senators finally obtained their wish. The city was completely destroyed in 146 B.C. after Scipio Aemelianus won and decided to torch the city. A law was passed saying that no one was allow to occupy the place where Carthage once

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