Punic Wars Research Paper

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2. Briefly discuss the Punic Wars. Why did they start and what was the ultimate impact all of this fighting had on Rome?
The Romans had engaged in many wars because they did not want their neighboring countries to have more power than them or worried about those people becoming powerful. However, of all the wars that the Romans were involved in, the most memorable one is the Punic Wars. The First Punic War took place in (264-241 B.C.E), the cause of this particular war was because the Romans could not stand the fact that the Carthaginians would take control of the Island of Sicily. They fought the Carthaginians over the Island, and won, but since they did not have experienced governing territories they did not do much on the Island. (Pages
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Their leader Hannibal, was determined to destroy Rome and break the alliance Romans had with Italy. At the beginning of this long war, Hannibal and his army won three victories and the Romans were the losers. One would think this was the end of it, surprisingly this was just the beginning because after 13 good years, this war was resumed but this time the Carthaginian did not win. The Carthaginian lost because the new Roman general Scipio was extremely skilled and was not willing to surrender at any circumstance, Scipio and his army won the war and made the Carthaginians and forced them out of Spain. (Pages 137-138).
The Third War, the Romans weaken the Carthaginians at the second Punic War, but they were still convinced that even though Carthaginians were weak, they are still a threat to their Supremacy Region in Rome. For the last time, the Romans decided to go to war and end the Carthaginians for good this time, because that was the only way they could have eliminated any future threat from the Carthaginians. Like the second war, the Carthaginian completely lost the war and decided to surrender to Rome. After the third Punic War, Rome's economic was horrible, and they have lost many men in the wars. (Pages

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