Rome's Power In The First Punic Wars

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Introduction: Carthage and Rome became two super powers in the Mediterranean Peninsula. The paper discusses the strength and conflicts of these two superpowers to control the Western Mediterranean and how Rome became a ultimate naval power in that reason after defeating Carthage in the second Punic
Carthage was a much older empire than Rome located at today’s Tunesia, North Africa. It was founded by the Phoenecians which is known as Lebanon in modern days. ‘Punic’ word came from the word
Phoenecians. By 264 B.C., Rome and Carthage had become rivals of each other and fought several wars to take control of the Western Mediterranean (Romanempire, nd.).
Between 264 – 241 BC was the time of First Punic when Rome conquered Sicily and gain
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They tried to build up a new trading empire centered on Spain and becoming a powerful empire. After taking control in the Sicily, the Romans wanted to establish their superiority in the Western Mediterranean. On the other hand, after defeating in the
First Punic War Carthage wanted to defeat Rome being powerful by the leadership of Hannibal.
Carthage controlled much of North Africa, Spain, Sicily, and Sardinia. First settled by the traders from the Lebanon. The City Carthage founded in 814BC before Rome was a collection of huts build by mud. The Second Punic War took place between 218 - 201 B.C. In this war, where Hannibal, the great
Carthage’s general led an army, including war elephants. They, marched over the Alps, Brenner Pass, into
Italy” (Romanempire, nd.). Hannibal’s entered into southern Italy and conquered one after another states in
Rome. His invasion seemed to be undefeatable. Finally, he defeated in the battle of Cannae in 216 BC and
Hannibal could not take revenge of the first Punic War. Rome established their sole control in the
Mediterranean Peninsula.
Once the Romans could not able to defeat Hannibal decided to battle him in Spain and

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