The Rise Of The Roman Empire Essay

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From 300 BCE to 300 CE there were two major empires that dominated the world. The first one was the Han Dynasty in China, which lasted a little over four hundred years providing Asia with economic prosperity and centuries of peace. The much larger, and very impressive Roman Empire was the European equivalent of the Han Dynasty. “The Roman Empire became a great power ruling 60 to 70 million subjects.” (Tignor 256). It is by far the largest empire the world has ever seen. Their empire would eventually stretch from modern day Scotland to modern day parts of Sudan. Rome did not gain this much territory only for their extreme aggression; there were also several other factors that destined them to be an unmatched world power. The factors that allowed Rome to be so powerful as an empire were the migration of foreign people, the military innovations Rome developed, and the political advances they made throughout their reign. The first event that allowed the Roman Empire to become a great power was the migration of foreign people. Near the beginning of the Roman civilization they were never really a large body of people. These people were just one of many city-states in the middle of the Italian Peninsula which spoke Latin. Originally, they needed to ally with other cities to defend themselves from invaders. “Between 450 and 250 BCE, migrations from northern and central Europe brought large numbers of Celts to settle in lands around the Mediterranean Sea.” (Tignor 256). This would…

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