Compare And Contrast Wars And Punic Wars

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Punic War 1 vs. Punic War 2 The Punic Wars were an important part of Roman History starting in 264 BCE (Duiker). The Romans and taken over what they wanted in Italy and were on a quest to conquer the entire Mediterranean area. There were Three Punic Wars and they were between Rome and Carthage. Carthage was the location where the Phoenicians settled in 800 BCE (Duiker). The reason for the Punic Wars was the land of Sicily. Both cities wanted control of Sicily for its strong economy. War 1 happened from 264 BCE-241 BCE and War 2 occurred from 218 BCE-201 BCE. The wars were fought against the same cities, were both about Sicily, and Rome won both wars, but the first two Punic Wars were substantially different. War 1 was a naval war. Fighting around the Mediterranean Sea reasoned for there to be many battles in the water. Carthaginians were already excellent seaman so if Rome wanted to win the war, then needed to build up …show more content…
The wars were both over Sicily, both between the Romans and the Carthaginians, and the Romans won both wars. As I said earlier, Sicily was a very strong economical province. They produced wheat, grapes, olive oil, etc. This and the fact that Rome was gaining power of the Mediterranean caused both wars to occur in Sicily. With Romans elite power, they were able to win both of the wars continuing the quest to become stronger. The Punic wars are an important part of Roman history. The huge differences but the huge similarities in the first two wars are fascinating. War 1 was a naval war, where War 2 was a land war. Want for control was the reason of the first war and revenge started the second war. Lastly, Italy was a huge part of War 2, but not War 1. The similarities were just as obvious, Sicily was the land being fought over, the Romans and the Carthaginians were the two cities fighting, and Rome won both wars. The Punic Wars are a series of three wars with great similarities and

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