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  • Symbiotic Relationships

    almost all of the leaves on a plant including fruit and blossoms. The larvae fill a different niche from their adult counterparts which feed on nectar. However, 70%-90% of foliage consumption is during the final instar. The tobacco hornworm, like is relative the tomato hornworm (Manduca quinquemaculata) is an agricultural pest in Florida especially. Humans try to control their populations by releasing one their natural enemies: the braconid wasp (Cotesia congregates), in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) this is known as biocontrol. These are endoparasitoid wasps in the hymenoptera order. They lay multiple eggs on the back of the hornworm which when they hatch live inside the hornworm and feed on the inside. After a few days, they emerge as pupa and then after a few days, hatch out of their cocoons the hornworm dies from being eaten and wounded. However, that is only the human tactic, though they use light traps for these…

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  • The Beauty Of Complete Metamorphosis Analysis

    The Beauty of Complete Metamorphosis It was a warm day in early October. A young boy at the age of 11 with pale skin and freckles was frolicking in his neighborhood park about a block away from his house. He wore his favorite pair of blue jean overalls with a yellow and olive striped shirt underneath. He loved being outside and spent most of his time at his neighborhood park. His normal routine after he got off the bus from school was to go home, eat a snack of some sort, change into his play…

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  • Parasitoid Rearing Case Study

    Progress summary With the termination of sterile insect technique efforts to limit the spread of Argentine Cactus Moth, Cactoblastis cactorum, population management strategies, such as biological control, are being investigated. The parasitoid Apanteles opuntiarum, is believed to have co-evolved with C. cactorum. To assess the non-target effects of the koinobiont larval parasitoid on non-target pyralids, host specificity tests were implemented in quarantine laboratory conditions. Argentine…

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  • Drosophila Observation Report

    To put the flies to sleep, first, two Drosophila Anesthetizers were obtained. One of the two sponge caps was soaked in ether (1 mL). Then, the glass vial containing Drosophila was gently and quickly tapped on the lab bench to temporarily disorient the flies. The cap was removed and a Drosophila Anesthetizer was placed on over the vial. The vial and the Anesthetizer were flipped over and tapped against the lab bench to disorient the flies again. The glass vial containing the culture medium,…

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  • Mealworm Research Paper

    For self-defense, they spray noxious odor from scent glands. Reproduction and life history: The mealworm is not a worm but the larval stage of the mealworm beetle which is also called the darkling beetle (Tenebrio molitor). Like all holometabolic insects, the darkling beetle experiences a complete metamorphosis and goes through four distinct life stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult. The duration of each stage varies significantly due to environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and…

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  • Common Fruit Fly Experiment

    Drosophila Melanogaster, or better known as the common fruit fly, is found all over the world and referred to as the cosmopolitan species (Mitrick, 2010). This fruit fly has three main body parts, which include the head, the thorax, and the abdomen. On males, the bottom half of the abdomen is black, while on the female, each segment of the abdomen is striped black. Drosophila have four main stages to their life cycle. These include: egg, larva, pupa and adult. The eggs small and translucent eggs…

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  • The Lambs Movie Symbolism

    It is believed that the different features of the moth relates to the movie. Furthermore, the overall life-cycle of the moth relates to the characters’ growth and evolution during the course of the movie (Robbins, 82). The growth of the moth includes three distinctive stages starting from the larva, pupa, and adult moth stage. Starling, the main character, undergoes personal growth and evolution changes throughout the film. Hence the lifecycle of the moth symbolizes a transformation of Starling…

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  • Ecology Of A Mealworm Essay

    ecosystem it will change the whole thing, because in an ecosystem you have to way in things like transfer of energy or whether it is too hot or too cold for the living organism. Ecology is basically a study that handles relationships of organisms and how they relate to their environment or ecosystem. What is a mealworm? A mealworm is a dark beetle larva. Mealworms have a head, thorax, and an abdomen. The mealworm has a spine but not the kind that we have. The mealworm is part of the…

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  • Drosophila Melanogaster Experiment Essay

    We used Drosophila melanogaster, for this experiment because they reproduce easily, are easily maintained, have easily observable traits, and have a low chromosome number. The life cycle of Drosophila melanogaster begins with females laying eggs, then the eggs mature into three larval stages. The first stage is called the 1st instar larva, the second is 2nd instar larva, and the thirst is 3rd instar larva. On day eight, it is expected that the larva encases into pupa. Six days later, the fly…

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  • Elodea Canadensi Research Paper

    Mediterranean cooking. The annual bluegrass is a grass native to Houston. It features a shallow root system that requires frequent rain, and grows in moist, partially shady to fully sunned areas. It requires cooler soil temperatures, around 70°F, to grow, so it will usually be found in the late summer and early spring. It can reproduce fairly quickly, can survive in compacted soil, and will reach maximum heights between 6 and 8 inches. Tenebrio molitor is a common beetle thought to have…

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