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  • Dead Puppet Society's Argus: Theatre Analysis

    Dead Puppet Society’s production of Argus utilises post-dramatic theatre techniques as a reinvention of classic story tropes for a 21st century audience. Argus follows the classic tale of a hero’s journey. The story focuses on a creature as he travels the world in search of his lost love. Dead Puppet Society has re-envisioned what puppetry can be, throwing off the shackles of Bunraku and stringed puppets and using hands as a method of creating character. Argus utilises focus, characterisation, music, set, technical elements and post dramatic theatre techniques in an attempt to engage a 21st century audience. Argus successfully manages different forms of focus. Slippery focus in Argus has been utilised as a method of drawing attention away from…

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  • Love Of Seven Doll Analysis

    The author, the title and the content of Love of seven dolls are completely irresistible. The book opens with a young girl called mouche standing at the banks of Seine where she is planning to throw herself. Like any other reader there is need to read ahead to understand why she would want to commit suicide. Eventually, one understands that it is the war that caused her all her problems. She had lost both her parents in the war. She had dreamt of the stage, and in return worked hard and saved…

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  • Stand By Greek Arya

    Figure 1. Informal model of categories which is created by Popplet app Children’s Needs and Interest While Arya organizing her classroom, first she considers the children needs. According to Arya, a kindergarten classroom should be developmentally appropriate for the students. For example, she created a block space that children can improve their minor and gross motor skill and imagination, while playing block and Legos. In addition, in case of this space is not big enough for students to…

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  • Shadow Puppetry: The Ramayana

    What is it about the Ramayana that makes it well-suited for shadow puppetry? The purpose of this investigation is to know in which ways the practice of shadow puppetry is conducive to the performance of ancient legends. Ramayana is performed with Shadow Show; Shadow Show play is also known as shadow puppetry this is an ancient practice in which people express and show their stories to entertain people. This type of theatre uses flat articulated figures that create the impression of humans…

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  • Film Analysis Of Marie De France's Milun

    The short, simple style of Marie de France’s lai “Milun” lends itself easily to an adaptation into a short film in the style of silhouette animation. The goal of this film will be both to maintain the meanings present in the original lai as well as to expand the audience that is able to appreciate the poem. The length of a short film maintains the structural integrity of the story in its entirety while also making it accessible to audiences who may not feel equipped to read and interpret this…

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  • Tooth And Nail Poem

    During the apartheid time in South Africa the Toyi-Toyi is one of the well-known protest and freedom songs were utilized during the political struggle of South Africa to communicate and raise the concern of black people. On in these Toyi-Toyi, black people were killed, some got severely injured, whereas others got arrested. Tooth and Nail “fragments elements such as song, dance, chant, fiction language, imaginary, obsessional repletion, opera pastiche and puppetry, also political, social and…

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  • Porter Movie Research Paper

    When Melies was only at a young age, he started to get passionate about the arts. He decided when he was younger he was going to perused a career in stage design and puppetry. He made it in what he pursued to become but because he was really brilliant. It guided him to become huge in the film industry for a short time. Now with Porter, he wasn’t as successful like Melies in the film industry. Porter had experience with electrical engineering unlike Melies. Because he was well experience with…

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  • Shadow Art

    Artists will observe and discuss examples of historic shadow art from a variety of cultures and time periods beginning as early as prehistoric times and extending into later appearances throughout history in traditional Chinese or Scandinavian art, to name a few, while making comparisons to how contemporary examples of shadow art mimic or stray from historic examples in reference to use of positive and negative space to create strong contrast and attention to the shape and form of the figures…

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  • ' The Theatre And Its Double, Ubu Roi By Antonin Artaud's Manifesto

    theatre, Antonin Artaud was able to gain inspiration and a new way of viewing theatre. Artaud describes the Balinese play as having“.…Gesture and mime for every circumstance of life, reinstate the superior worth of theatrical conventions ”(Artaud 55). In others words, the play was able to gain the viewers attention through gestures presented not vocal words from the actor. Antonin Artaud believed that gestures were an important part of a play because they were able to communicate a different…

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  • The 39 Steps Analysis

    In Livermore High School’s rendition of “The 39 Steps,” originally an Alfred Hitchcock movie turned theatrical production in 2005, the lively actors successfully bring to life a comedic twist on the classic Hitchcock style. “The 39 Steps” is riddled with clever references to famous Hitchcock films, making the rendition very playful. The theatrical play of “The 39 Steps” differs mostly from the movie because, unlike every Hitchcock film, it does not take itself seriously. The play is meant to be…

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