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  • The Puppet Master

    As long as the Puppet Master lives, there will always be law. The Puppet Master is a terrorist hiding behind computers and other “puppets”. Any way you look at the situation, the Puppet Master must be stopped. If government jobs had better screening policies, there would be a decrease in attacks, such as the one at the university. Dictators and terrorists create the need for a controlled government. One way to increase the trustworthiness of government employees is to increase the meticulousness of occupational background checks. The Puppet Master says in Color Replaced by Gray, “A few halfhearted background checks, a simple identity theft, and within a few months, I’m dusting the desk of the Secretary of Defense” (Petry 12). This argues…

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  • Manipulation And Deception In William Shakespeare's Othello

    By Iago being the puppet master of the play he reveals the inhuman side of people and how they react to manipulation and deception. In the book Othello by Shakespeare we have what I see as a masterful puppeteer. He should be in Sesame Street if you ask me. The puppet masters name is Iago. Iago uses many tools at his dispersal like manipulation, lies, and sometimes just pure luck. His end goal is clear at first but near the end of the story we’re not quite sure where he’s going. Iago is…

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  • The Code Breaker Analysis

    Do you believe that the country needs a government that has power over them? Or, are people better off with a government that adjusts to their will? In Michael Petry’s The Code Breaker, the Puppet Master does not believe that the government should hold the power to strictly implement laws and orders that control the people. The Puppet Master makes a solid argument that the government’s power needs to be limited because, left unchecked, government leaders are often corrupted by their own…

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  • Analysis Of Luis Quile's 'Master Of Puppets'

    One of the various pieces of art he made depicts how society can define a person 's attributes by their social stereotype. In Quile’s jarring, “in your face” picture, “Master Of Puppets”, he points out four distinctive stereotypes that proliferate through every strata of American culture. Quile’s “Master of Puppets” sets the bar extremely high for exposing the deteriorating slander that is American culture. His art piece has the right amount of cool colors and beige to make the picture have…

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  • Dead Puppet Society's Argus: Theatre Analysis

    Dead Puppet Society’s production of Argus utilises post-dramatic theatre techniques as a reinvention of classic story tropes for a 21st century audience. Argus follows the classic tale of a hero’s journey. The story focuses on a creature as he travels the world in search of his lost love. Dead Puppet Society has re-envisioned what puppetry can be, throwing off the shackles of Bunraku and stringed puppets and using hands as a method of creating character. Argus utilises focus, characterisation,…

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  • Stand By Greek Arya

    According to Arya, an ideal classroom should be spacious but unfortunately the size of the classroom is small for the number of students she had. In order to compensate this Arya crate mobile spaces that children utilize. For example, she moves puppet theater center if more students want to use it. In addition, Arya valued the time of students in her classroom therefore she renovate the surface of the base which was furnished with old and stinky wall to wall carpet. This remodeling was important…

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  • The Pinocchio Effect

    Pinocchio is at first rewarded for this decision by getting to play all day and hanging around other lazy members of society, but subsequently transforms into a donkey, or an ass, exposing the consequences of a hedonistic society. In the latter part of the story Pinocchio learns his moral lesson on a hedonistic societal repercussions and only when he begins to have a proper work ethic does the Fairy even consider his wish to become a boy (Collodi 70). Suzanne Stewart-Steinberg defines a term…

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  • The Beaver Film Analysis

    The Beaver is a 2011 dramedy (dark comedy) film directed by and starring Jodie Foster. Written by Kyle Killen the moive also stars Mel Gibson, Anton Yelchin, Jennifer Lawrence and Riley Thomas Stewart. The story doucuments a man in a mid-life crisis, a boy, a girl, a husband, a wife a father and son and a crumbling family providing a glimpes in to the life of Walter Black, a depressed and trouble husband, the beaver, a hand puppet Walter found in the trash, Meredith Black, Walter’s wife, Porter…

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  • Science Autobiography

    Science Autobiography My first memories of science lessons in elementary school are from kindergarten, when we made sock puppets filled with dirt and grass seed. The grass grew out of the top of the sock puppet, and created a sort of hair for it. I thought it was the greatest thing ever. When I got the chance to bring it home, I put it in the window in the kitchen, so everyone could see it. I was so proud of that thing. In first grade we raised butterfly eggs into larvae to a chrysalis, into…

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  • The Importance Of The Internet In The New York Times

    Most of the time when one thinks of theatre, they think about the stage and the lights. More often than not, this is what theatre is. Until now, theatre is mostly actors, but the New York Times finds a way to add in puppets to the mix of theatre. Further into discover about puppets in stage plays, this article finds a way to interest theatre admirers and horror film ideals all together. In one play that the New York Times reported on there are two characters described as, “One is a shy and…

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