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  • Purple Rain

    Meaning is conveyed in a myriad of diverse ways through the use of various theatrical techniques. The form and manner in which meaning is presented can have a profound impact on its interpretation by the audience. In the film Purple Rain, meaning is introduced through the usage of the elements of editing, cinematography, and mise-en-scene. The meaning for particular scenes are revealed by the many different aspects that make up the mise-en-scene of the film. For example, throughout the film Prince’s character is shown wearing a long, purple jacket, a white, long sleeved shirt, and a pair of dark pants. His hair is unruly and at times he can be seen wearing mascara and eye liner. All of these features of his appearance make up his costume and…

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  • The Color Purple Women

    The film adaptation of Alice Walker’s The Color Purple is about the life of Celie Harris, who was a poor, black girl married against her will to an older black man. She was abused throughout her married life and somehow found a way to discover her own identity. In The Color Purple, the way power is distributed between men and women, specifically for black women, is very clear; mainly because black women are mistreated not only by members of other races, but by members of their own as well.…

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  • Sofia In The Color Purple

    Friendships often evolve over time and can be tempered in the fires of conflict. This is particularly true for Sofia and Celie from The Color Purple by Alice Walker. Their friendship is put to the test when Celie advocates for Sofia to be beaten by her husband. When she and her husband fought, they accidentally wrecked a gift from Celie to Sofia: curtains. After reconciling, Celie and Sofia repurpose the curtains into a quilt. The torn curtains represent Celie’s and Sofia’s broken relationship,…

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  • Color Purple Heroism

    Alice Walker formed the novel of, the Color Purple, to speak for the black women who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. One's who refuse to speak up and express themselves, as a fear of a consequence that is bound to occur. For those who settle for heartache and pain. Due to having the belief created by their mothers, and their mothers, to not speak up and follow the demands that a man has given you. A history of miserable and doleful black women from past generations taught to…

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  • Racism In The Color Purple

    individual and therefore many authors have written novels to create awareness for this issue. Racism occurs when a certain race is discriminated and hated against. One day or another, one will face racism and although the reasons may be different, the outcomes are the same. It will either destroy one’s self-esteem or create separation in a community. This issue is presented in To Kill A Mockingbird by the main character, Scout, as she observes the people of Maycomb racially discriminate against…

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  • Color Purple Change

    In The Color Purple by Alice Walker, there are characters that drastically change from the beginning to the end. One turns from insecure and timid, to standing up for herself. Another person begins abusive, mentally and physically, and selfish, to kind-hearted and selfless. The last woman does not first appear to be the most courteous and pleasant kind, yet she helps a friend become an independent and an assertive woman. This shows how someone can change for the better, although they may need…

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  • Patriarchy In The Color Purple

    The Color Purple is one of the most beloved novels of the twenty-first century. In it, author Alice Walker introduces her readers to a community of women, specifically protagonist, Celie and her sister Nettie, who suffer in the hands of men. The women are dehumanized by the misogynistic men in their lives, but eventually, they rise above the challenges the men throw at them and find themselves to be stronger and more beautiful than they ever were before. When the reader first meets Celie,…

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  • Femininity In The Color Purple

    As you read Alice Walker’s novel The Color Purple you see the main character, Celie, “a terrorized and passive girl” (Lewis), grow as a person. She grows into a strong woman, whom can express her feelings. Weather that is her learning more about the world through her sister Nettie, or her trying to be strong like her step-daughter-in-law Sofia. But one thing I have noticed is that the book also explores her sexuality. Through the book Celie is sexually assaulted, raped, and abused throughout…

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  • The Color Purple

    There is a significant difference between being alive and living. A person’s quality of life is dependent on whether someone chooses to fight for the life they deserve, or if they simply choose to survive. Alice Walker uses this as a central theme in her book The Color Purple, and develops it through the main character, Celie. As a child, Celie was raped and abused by her stepfather, and was forced to marry a man she calls Mister, who turns out to be abusive. Her sister, Nettie, is the only…

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  • The Color Purple Essay

    The Color Purple is a fictional epistolary novel written by Alice Walker. Set in the early 20th century, the narrator of the novel is Celie, a poor fourteen-year-old black girl living in rural Georgia within a male-dominated and racially prejudiced society. At a young age, Celie’s life becomes very difficult, since she is uneducated and lives with an abusive father. At 14 years old, she is raped by her own father and then sold into marriage with an older man. Celie’s new husband, Mr.____, or…

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