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  • Judge Kaddos Case Study

    I began my Friday by going to Judge Kaddo to see the new asbestos case. Before that, I did go by Judge Lippitt’s court room. Judge Lippitt had told me to come back to observe the motions in limine of the case. Judge Kaddo’s trial was just starting, but it looked like he had to call downtown if he could proceed. Judge Kaddo started reading the preliminary instructions to the Jurors. I looked at the jury because I was here the first day they brought the first batch in and wanted to see if I recognized anyone. I only recognized one of the jurors I remembered him because he said he had trouble with hearing. Everyone else in the Jury looked new and were probably brought in at a later time. I went to Judge Lippitt’s courtroom to see what the new trial was going to be about. The good thing about motions in limine is, I get to hear a summary of the trial before it starts. Additionally, motions in limine allows me to see what the jurors do not. Knowing extra details that the jurors have no knowledge of does not seem to make much of a difference when it comes my opinion on a ruling. This case involved the defense counsel which consisted of 3 lawyers 2 representing a gym, 1 representing the exercise machine company. The plaintiffs counsel was just 1 attorney. One of the attorneys on the was new, he was the one representing the exercise machine company. The first motion was brought up by the plaintiff councilor, asking for a release form to be removed from exhibits. Plaintiffs…

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  • Case Study: Plaintiff VELEZ Vs. HUDSON

    DISCRIMINATION AND RETALIATION 46. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 47. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff HUDSON was in a position subordinate to Defendant BESIKO with regard to her employment with Defendant EXPRESS. 48. That at all times herein relevant, Plaintiff VELEZ would be given directives and take work orders from Defendant BESIKO in the course of her…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay On My Pursuer

    I hear the sound of clinks grow as my pursuer closes the distance. I can feel the piercing blue eyes bore into my back. As the sound of the clinking grows, I catch a glimpse of leopard fur in my peripheral vision. Nails dig in to my back and the leopard fur engulfs me as I turn to face my pursuer. When I am released, I am face to face with my grandmother, Mema, looking the same as I have always remembered. Janice Grattidge is a commanding presence that rarely goes unnoticed. Wig askew, a…

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  • I Want To Be A Musical Theatre Pursuer

    It appears that no matter what, dreams are always mocked: it’s as though just having a dream warrants judgement or a remark from those who doubt your abilities or the dream itself. The only aspirations accepted by others are the ones deemed ‘plausible’, whatever that means. If one’s goal is ‘reachable’ there’s no need to put them down for it, right? If one’s goal is easily obtainable then they’ll ‘win’. “Everybody loves a winner,” afterall. Being a musical theatre pursuer, especially, will get…

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  • Theme Of Ambition In The Great Gatsby

    "There are only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy and the tired" To what extent does this sum up the novel? In 'The Great Gatsby', Fitzgerald made all his characters with four predominate behaviours; "the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired". Some may fall under only one of these groups, where as the others may belong in all of them. This is not only a good summary of the novel but also of people's life in general during the 1920s. Throughout the novel, there are characters who are…

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  • Hedley Byrne V Hellers

    The law has progressed throughout the years regarding liability for harm caused by negligent misstatements. Negligent misstatements occur when a pursuer relies upon a statement given by the defendant which, in turn, causes loss to the pursuer. Until the case of Hedley Byrne v Heller, the courts did not usually impose liability regarding negligent misstatements on the grounds of policy. Before the case of Hedley Byrne v Heller, the idea that one party owed another a duty of care regarding…

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  • Creative Writing: The Night Trail

    along with the occasional lonely car rolling past the fields. The travelers were overjoyed by their newfound discovery of an escape route, but the feelings soon faded, as there was a rather large obstacle in their path. A long, deep, foreboding ditch ran along the side of the field, blocking anything from running onto the street. There was little time to figure out a solution, as their pursuers were only a few feet behind. In a split-second decision, the eldest traveler hoisted the other in the…

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  • Ambiguity Of Scots Law Essay

    all the circumstances of the case’. This shows that if a pursuer establishes a prima facie case that is unchallenged by evidence to the contrary, they have reached the standard of proof to satisfy the evidential burden. Although it may be implied that the law is clear, problems have arisen in the civil context when determining the appropriate standard that either have dimensions of criminal activity. The rule in all civil actions the standard of proof required is always the balance of…

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  • Case Study Of The Rose V. Plenty Case

    as separate cases and therefore processed in separate courts. Delict According to Wylie and Crossan delict is when “the defender voluntarily commits an act or fails to act when the law imposes a duty of care and this failure to implement the legally required standard care causes the pursuer to suffer a personal injury or loss or damage to his property” (2010: 301). Delict can be intentional (dolus) or unintentionally (Wylie and Crossan 2010:304). For delictual liability, the defender must…

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  • What Is The Opening Scene Of Slumdog Millionaire

    At first, Latika lies in the shadow, lost and alone. However, as Jamal calls her name, Latika suddenly appears in a light exposure, in her yellow shirt. Their hope of seeing each other again is fulfilled. Then, as her assailants reach her and she screams out at Jamal for the last time, she faces the light and tries to stay in that zone before being grabbed by a man and taken away in the shadow. Light represents hope and liberation, whereas dark implies confinement and misfortune. o The high…

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