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  • I Became More Courageous Narrative

    and forth?” The nurse had asked me. I did as I was told. The nurse was listing many symptoms that she thought I might have, if I had a concussion. “I’m going to shine a light in your eyes, and all you need to do is look at me,” She said with a concerning voice. They said I appeared to be dazed, and I had late responses. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. She said if I had any nausea to come back. Of course I had nausea; I just didn’t want to go in the ambulance or to the hospital! The next day my alarm clock went off at five o’clock to get up for the horse show; I was ready to go. “We’re coming, settle,” Sarah, my sister, yawned. We got to the horse show and Lauren, my equestrian coach, put us to work! Around three o’clock it was time to get ready. I put on my show clothes, and could not have been hotter. I went to find Lauren where she was schooling Pepper. She gave me a pep talk, as she knew I get nervous about these types of things. “So remember, make an opening circle, jump the first two cross rails, then the other two. Don’t let him pull the reins out of your hands, OK? Alright, go ahead,” She emphasized calmly. I completed my opening circle successfully, as well as the first two jumps. However, I noticed toward the end of the jump, Pepper was getting a little frisky. I remembered what Lauren had told me. Take a little, give a little. Unfortunately, he got faster, and started cantering. We cantered over the third jump, but in the process of that,…

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  • Options In The Black-Scholes Model

    Everything else remaining equal, we shall consider the effect of the expiration date. Both put and call “American” options become more valuable (or, at least, do not decrease in value) as the time to expiration increases. This makes sense when you compare the call owners of the long-life and the short-life options. Clearly the long-life option holder has more open opportunities before the option expires, therefore, the long-life American option must always be worth at least as much as the…

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  • The Black-Scholes: Equations Pricing Model

    price of a European call option. the price of a European put option. , the strike price of the option. , the annualized risk-free interest rate, continuously compounded (the force of interest). , the drift rate of , annualized. , the standard deviation of the stock 's returns, which is the square root of the quadratic variation of the stock 's log price process. , a time in years; generally use: now=0, expiry=T. , the value of a portfolio. , the standard normal cumulative distribution…

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  • Staying Put Analysis

    Do you think it's beneficial living in a place where dangerous things happen? In the reading “Staying Put,” Scott Russell Sanders talks about him experiencing a farm family being destroyed by nature several times. Three tornadoes struck their home several times but decided to stay and rebuild their home. He questioned himself why this family never tried to move to a non-hazardous area. However, he realized that they had everything they needed around; for example, they had their relatives nearby,…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Was Put To Jail

    On December 12, 2013, I was put to jail. Attempted murder is apparently a serious crime here in Pennsylvania, 7 years, 7 years I tell yuh. I spent the first few weeks angry, depressed, and furious. My wife divorced me because I wasn't there for her, I had a job I had to focus on but on that day, the day she told me that it wasn't working out my mind fell into a daze. I hadn't thought about it, but I just pushed her into the table where it hit her head and she started bleeding. I ran out the…

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  • Evelyn Waugh Put Out More Flags

    This source was a novel called ‘Put out More Flags’ which was written by Evelyn Waugh which was published in 1942; it examined the experiences of people who looked after evacuees and the troubles they faced. From the source, we can infer that the people who looked after the evacuees did not like them and saw them as filthy, uncivilised and dirty. This would have been how many hosts would have felt. They had to complete all of the tasks that the parents of these children would have to do. We can…

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  • Student Should Not Put A Cap On Tuition Essay

    Government shouldn’t put a cap on the university tuition rate. Due to student lack of education cause to have no jobs and default of the lifestyle there in. It would not be a good thing to put a cap on tuition rate. Lacks of education in the U.S. be low because the fact that student doesn’t have money to pay for school which is causing the students to drop out of school. So, why not put a cap on tuition? More than half of students don’t go to school. It’s affecting the U.S. statistics, but lack…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Should Animals Be Put Down?

    Do you think animals in pet shelters should be put down if not adopted in time? 2.7 million animals are euthanized each year, in the US alone, because they’re not adopted in time. I believe that this should come to a stop! Not only in Utah, but also worldwide. I strongly believe NO animal should be put down due to the time taken to adopt him or her. There are three main reasons that I believe in this: animals offer companionship, assistance to the disabled, and they can be an addition to a…

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  • Personal Statement: Put Down Your Cellphone

    Put down Your Cellphone As our society developing, we attach more and more importance to the development of technology. Cellphone is one of the most typical products in our society. We all like using cellphone, not only because it is convenient for us to communicate with others whenever and wherever, but also that we can find lots of fun into it, such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. We should admit that cellphone is interesting and convenient, and it really helps us a lot in our lives;…

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  • Summary Of Put Your Heart In Your Mouth

    The book “Put Your Heart in Your Mouth” by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride MD, talks about natural treatments for issues such as angina, high blood pressure, arrhythmia, atherosclerosis, heart attack, stroke, and peripheral vascular disease. She helps provide a practical plan to prevent heart disease, which is very prevent these days. Regaining health by eating traditional foods, avoiding environmental pollutants, and staying away from common household chemicals, is also part of this book. One…

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