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  • Luke Muehlhauser: The Meaning Of Purpose

    than others? People all over the world have chosen the answer for this to simply be our purpose. Having a purpose in life gives our life more meaning and makes it more fulfilling. Luke Muehlhauser explores what it means to have purpose and proves that no matter what our definition of “purpose” is, we all have one. For those who are religious, it is easy to see where the idea of purpose comes from. They believe in a God or a higher power that assigned to them a divine purpose. God created each and every one of them for a reason.Whether the purpose is to do something for God, like pleasing him, or simply be destined to do something in their life, like opening a school for the…

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  • Socrates Purpose Of Life

    Throughout history, people have asked what is the purpose of life? Many people would have different purposes; however, they would generally be the same. Some people would answer that the purpose of life is money and property, while others would say the purpose of life is happiness and family. Despite having different purposes, they question the purpose of life. Before his death in 399 B.C.E, Greek philosopher Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.”1 In order to live a…

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  • The Life Of Meaning And Purpose In Dante's Inferno

    To live a meaningful life is a exceedingly individualistic aspiration, one may say it is to do good in the world while someone else may say that to live a life of meaning and purpose is through personal success. Much like any other person, philosophers as well as biblical figures would agree that a life of meaning and purpose is dependent to personal experiences. To live the experience of a meaningful life often depends on the circumstances along with experiences that people endure. A life of…

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  • In Pursuit Of Unhappiness Analysis

    happiness there are several important factors to achieve happiness: finding a purpose, meaning, and love; however, achieving it in a selfless way that benefits not only yourself but others. The second half of happiness is not denying yourself to experience it, living in the present moment, and cherishing the people who make you happy. This…

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  • Analysis: A Lesson Before Dying

    In A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines, the idea that guidance is needed to help people who have falling in despair and they need to regain their sense of purpose. Chipping away at ignorance is needed so that the true potential of the individual is revealed. This ignorance is caused by the submission of the portion of society to a higher power who abuses said power. Grant Wiggins in the book A Lesson Before Dying, has started to lose his purpose of staying in his little town and teaching…

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  • Sample Worldview Papers

    a wide range of questions: What is my purpose in life? What are my goals for my life? Am I raising my children to have Faith in God? One person’s belief or theory may be different from another because many factors influence a person’s worldview – cultural background, life experiences, the values and attitudes they were raised with and habits that they have acquired from childhood to adulthood. Our worldview’s are constantly evolving as the world around us changes and as we change with it.…

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  • Christian Liberal Arts Education Research Paper

    teaches us how to take those elements and deal with them out in the world and how to make responsible decisions when faced with those elements. It also provides us with intellectual and practical skills like, communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills. These are used in everyday life. Everyday at our jobs we need to communicate with our co-workers as well as analyze and problem-solve many situations or problems we are faced with. Liberal arts education also gives us a better view of…

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  • Essay On Should We Live Longer

    Ancient times people considered life as a gift that was given to them, thus they could do something significant . After more than two thousand years ago , at age 27 , Alexandre the Great died . Still, people remember his name . Then came time when the true love was the meaning of life . Then times of duels came, when honor was placed in the highest position among the meanings of life . Due to this we lost great scientists and poets in their young ages . Or maybe they were geniuses because they…

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  • Soul Wired Café: An Intertextual Analysis

    and transcended it and visited my soul. The place where all my desires and regrets live. I asked him how he felt about what the poet said. He responded by saying, how can you have an unaltered love when love is forever changing? With love comes darkness. Two abstract concepts forever linked throughout time. In the midst of darkness only love can remove it. Love is light and darkness is the absence of light. It may be looked at as a negative connotation but I beg to differ. Darkness sole purpose…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Religion Has Changed My Life

    about Jesus that I had heard a thousand times, but for the first time in my life it finally started to resonate in my head, and I could feel the transformation in my mind begin. While I was a long ways from being fully sold, I knew it was a start. The only real exposure to Jesus I had up to this point was from priests and other people who were usually of significant age. But seeing the counselors at camp, who were young and relatable to myself, being passionate about their faith almost left…

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