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  • Beatitudes: How To Live A Purpose Driven Life

    of spirit, humility, patients and are courteous towards others, for they would inherit the earth. Forth, blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. They are detached from the injustice in the world and are eager to do what’s right according to God’s will. Also, they strive to be fair and fight for justice for others. Their rightful behavior would give them a sense of satisfaction that would be pleasing to their spirit. Fifth, blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. They show compassion, kindness and have a loving heart toward those that are treated wrongly, or those that are having a hard time. They display true forgiveness toward their enemies, which results in God have mercy on them. Sixth, blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. They’re sincere and honest and they have clean thoughts and their conscience is clear. Having a pure heart will allow you to one day see God. Seventh, blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. They actively promote peace around them and around the world by resolving conflicts and settling disputes between others. Lastly, blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. They endure persecution for doing what is right, such as being honest, helpful, fair, faithful, and reliable” (The Beatitudes. n.d). However, it makes is all worth it when you know that being persecution results in your…

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  • The Three Main Branches Of Study: Operational Research, Statistics And Mathematics

    There are three main branches of study under the umbrella of mathematics including, operational research, statistics and mathematics itself. Operational research (OR) is also known as management science and focuses on the analysis of decision-making processes - especially in large companies or the military. Well-known areas include the analysis of voting systems or game theory. Statistics is driven by real-world problems, mostly issues that can’t be broken down into simpler parts and…

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  • Reflective Essay On Jodo Buddhism

    I choose the Calgary Buddhist Temple to visit, which practices pure land buddhism, more specifically jodo shinshu. First of all I chose to visit a Buddhist site because I feel like I do not understand this religion as much as hinduism for example. I chose Pure land because I understand it the least, so I am hoping to further my knowledge on the subject. As for choosing jodo shinshu, I enjoy learning about japanese culture and since this particular strain of buddhism was founded by a japanese…

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  • Philippian 2 Book Report

    share God’s love from the depths of our hearts as lead by Jesus’s example. This verse really spoke to me when I read it. It caused me to reflect. If we really are living in Christ’s love then we should be able to share his love out of our inner hearts with the interest of helping others. We should be a reflection of God’s kindness and love. However, how many of us actually do this one hundred percent of the time? Not many. Takeaways: I received many different takeaways from this passage. The…

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  • Immanuel Kant And Neo-Kantian Thinking

    To say that Immanuel Kant 's work was influential would be an understatement. His work marked a paradigm shift in western philosophy with his infamous Copernican revolution. Both the analytic and continental traditions can be said to be a response to Kant 's ideas. Still today, Neo-Kantian thinking is still being applied to contemporary thinking today. However, Kant 's work is remembered more for its impact on philosophical thinking, rather than its modern applicability. In both traditions, Kant…

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  • Differentiate Between Skin Of Fish And Amphibia Case Study

    *Air flow is unidirectional. *Air flow is bidirectional. 5. Mention differences between heart of reptiles and mammals . Reptiles Mammals *Heart is three chambered – two auricles and one *Heart is…

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  • Informative Speech About The Dangers Of Sodium

    element, it is a soft silver- white reactive metal of the alkali metal group; it is also the an electrolyte the body needs to regulate blood sugar. Sodium is extremely reactive, it never occurs in the free state in the Earth’s crust. The pure metal is kept under oil or kerosene because it spontaneously ignites water. The first topic is what diseases can be obtained from sodium. High Blood Pressure is the first objective we will discuss. High Blood Pressure is an indicator to how much pressure…

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  • Ayurvedic Management Of Hridroga Case Study

    the heart and blood-vessels (with their contained fluid, blood). The heart is a muscular organ and pumps blood to all parts of the human body by the process of contraction. Pure-.oxygenated blood is carried by the dhamani (arteries) and impure-deoxygenated blood by the sira (veins). Some common cardiac ailments and there Ayurvedic management is discussed below High blood pressure (Hypertension) Cause: Age factor is the leading cause of hypertension. With passage of time the elasticity of the…

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  • Circulatory System Lab Report

    and enters the left atrium. This area is the primary gas exchange site in most amphibians. Both atria dump into the single ventricle. The ventricle is divided into two narrowly separated chambers, which reduces the mixing of the two types of bloods. When the ventricle contracts, it sends oxygenated blood to the brain from the left ventricle and then reaches the head through arteries. The skin and lungs receives pure blood from the right atrium. The skin and the lungs, oxygen can be picked up.…

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  • Welcoming Flaws

    People who are escaping from the consumption of poverty, disease, or ignorance are clinging to the blissful civilization, where they can grow with success and peace. The Church understands that her duty is not only to be the house for God, but as a sanctuary to comfort any man or woman in need. Therefore, we all come from the same creator, God, which He creates us in His own image and likeness. Even though we look different, our hearts and soul remain the same because God has given us this…

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