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  • Hannibal Barca's Second Punic War

    Hannibal Barca is widely considered to have been one of the greatest military commanders of all time. In the second Punic war, he marched an army of elephants, cavalry, and infantry over the Alps to assault Rome in their home territory, his most famous achievement, and fought a war that soaked Italy in blood for more than a decade. In the end, due to lack of support from Carthage, Hannibal was unable to take Rome itself, though he defeated many Roman armies, and he was forced to return to Carthage to defend it against a Roman counterattack. He lost much of his force on the way, and was defeated for the first time in North Africa, sealing Roman victory and dominance in the Mediterranean. His war, while coming impressively close to success, was…

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  • Hannibal Lecter Character Analysis Essay

    chooses to use him in the pursue of serial killers. To ease Will’s mental damage, Jack ask for aid from the psychiatrist Hannibal Lecter. Little do Will and Jack known that Hannibal is the serial killer they are chasing. In a series of manipulation, murders and accusations, it inevitable ends in a bloodbath. Will Graham Will Graham never knew his mother; he grew up with his father moving around. As a result, Will always became the unfamiliar child, and never had much time to form friendships.…

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  • The Punic Wars Throughout History: The Battle Of Cannae

    employed tactics the likes of which had not been seen. Hannibal Barca during the second Punic war forced Rome’s hand at the Battle of Cannae. Utilizing previous battle experience, the unorthodox makeup of his army and his overwhelming military tactics. Following the events of the first Punic war between Rome and carthage, Spain was divided into two parts. The Ebro River acting as the border between Rome to the north and Cartharge to the south. During the peace between the first and second…

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  • Livy And Polybius Pinpoint As The Cause Of The Second Punic War

    Hasdrubal, Hannibal always looked to a powerful figure for inspiration of great warfare and power. Whilst Hannibal has been credited for having great leadership and military qualities, Livy states that ‘the man’s great virtues were matched by his enormous vices: pitiless cruelty, a treachery worse than Punic, no regard for truth, and no integrity, no fear of the gods or respect for an oath, and no scruples’ . Who Hannibal was as a soldier and leader was a large contributor to the ways in which…

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  • Hannibal Psychoanalysis

    Hannibal diagnostic feature where being able to manipulate someone into doing what he wanted physically and also emotionally as he wanted, his ability to breaking the law to his will and not having remorse for others or the guilt for what he was doing, also his possession of being able to act charming to others, major depressive disorder that he suffered from the death of his family, kleptomania pyromania characterized by difficulties in resting urges to engaged in behavior that is excessive and…

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  • Second Punic War Analysis

    Second Punic War (B.C 218-201) in three different periods, the Hannibal?s Invasion of Italy from Saguntum to Cannae (B.C. 218-216), Early Victories to Recall of Hannibal, and the Battle of Zama and End of the War (B.C. 201). During each period, the paper will briefly cover about the economic inducements, the inevitability of the conflict, the miscalculation of Roman motives by the Carthaginians, and the character of Hannibal. With the exception of the miscalculation of Roman motives, all of the…

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  • Thermopylae: The Battle Of Rome

    by Polyxenidas the Romans pulled through as they were “far superior in the stoutness of their ships and the bravery of their men” according to Livius. The battle resulted in the dissolution of Seleucid presence on the sea (Livius, 37.31). The Roman path for an invasion of Anatolia was cleared while Antiochus, finally taking action, weakened himself against Pergamon (Taylor 130-131). Prior to Cissus and Myonessus Lucius Cornelius Scipio had been elected Consul and had assumed command of the Roman…

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  • What Is The Symbolism In Hannibal

    Hannibal uses symbols to give the series a deeper more complex meaning. The first symbol we are introduced to is the orange line flashing across the screen as Will prepares himself to enter the mind of the murderer. The orange line represents a shift in mind for Will. He is no longer a detective, instead a killer. In addition, the orange line can represent the thin line separating good and evil, as all that separates morally good Will and a killer is that thin line. A frequently used,…

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  • Alexander The Great: The Rise Of Antiochus And Rome

    oligarchy is a government that is dominated by the wealthy. This oligarchy had three branches of power: the Plebiscites, the Senate, and magistrates (“Roman Republic”). Polybius, an ancient Greek historian, states that Roman Consuls were granted nearly absolute control over matters of war, making their leadership very decisive (Polybius 381). Appian of Alexandria, an ancient Roman historian, explains that the most prominent consuls to be involved in the Roman-Seleucid War were Manius Acilius…

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  • Silence Of The Lambs Analysis

    In the film Silence of the Lambs (Demme, 1991) the entire scheme is built across 3 key characters. Clarice Starling is an intelligent FBI apprentice who is put hooked on the situation of trying to disentangle the intellect of a wicked mastermind, Hannibal Lecter, in demand to discover the solutions wanted to apprehend the serialized murderer, Jame Gumb, also recognized as Mr. Buffalo Bill. The emotional experience is very sturdy in all of the characters, lending to their credibility, excluding…

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