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  • Serial Killers

    What makes a Serial Killer? Introduction The term serial killer refers to an individual who commits three or more premeditated murders. The term was coined by FBI profiler Robert Ressler while investigating the dastardly exploits of Theodore Robert Bundy. The American nation has been the host to 75% of all known serial killers. We have dealt with some of the most deviously brilliant minds over the years (Federal Bureau of Investigation, “Serial Murder”). The FBI started to research the minds of these monsters in the hope of uncovering how a normal person suddenly leaves a successful legitimate life to that of a persona of evil. This paper discusses the minds and behavior of serial killers. What is the psychological profile of a serial killer?…

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  • Characteristics Of A Serial Killer

    Behind the Serial Killer Serial killers are some of the most interesting people in the world. They have almost everyone in the United States fooled and everyone thinks that these individuals have mental issues or do not know what they are doing is wrong. It is almost the exact opposite, most serial killers are normal everyday people that all know what they did was wrong, and almost all of them have above average intelligence. Most people think that serial killers and mass shooters have the same…

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  • Serial Killer Factors

    Factors That Contribute to The Chances of a Specific Individual Becoming a Serial Killer. Societies all around the globe are full of deviance. Whether it is a crime or just an immoral act, there’s always an explanation to one’s behavior. In most illegal activities, especially homicides, there is a motive, unless it is an accident. The reasons behind an intentional killing are numerous: jealousy, revenge, hate, greed, and so forth. But the means to a murder are different when it comes to…

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  • Serial Killer Characteristics

    Serial killers spark headlines and interest due to the gruesome nature of their crimes. Typically, they do not stop killing until they are caught. The media often portrays them as evil genius capable of superhuman feats. The purpose of this paper is to review multidisciplinary research on Serial Killers’ behavioral and personality traits in conjunction with crime scene characteristics to ascertain a better understanding of the phenomenon of serial homicide. A serial killer is someone who murders…

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  • Serial Killer Stereotypes

    The biggest stereotype when thinking about a serial killer is that the killer has to be male. In most cases it’s true the killer is a man , but according to 5 Myths about Serial Killers and Why They Persist [Excerpt] by Scott Bonn “approximately 17 percent of all serial homicides in the U.S. are committed by women.” which is a small percentage , but still shows that women are not as timid as everyone thinks. It shows that gender doesn't have anything to do with the impulse of killing. In terms…

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  • Serial Killers In America

    American Heritage dictionary a serial killer is " A person who attacks and kills victims one by one in a series of incidents." Often, people don't take a deep look into what a serial killer is or does, and why America is struggling with so many of these offenders. If people looked at types of serial killers, their motives and their victims everyone could create shared meaning of the exact definition of a serial killer. The FBI's "Crime Classification Manual" breaks serial killers into…

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  • The Nature Of Serial Killers

    Serial Killers: Are they born or are they made? It seems to be a question to ignite a debate and has so for decades. The nature vs nurture debate has been regarded as the most essential argument in psychology. Regarding serial killers, it may be the most important. A number of things can play into a person becoming what they end up being or doing. Whether it is their hormones or genetics; or their background, it has an effect on a person’s outcome. Parents can determine the life their child will…

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  • Serial Killer Motivation

    There are steadily increasing crime rates and violence spreading throughout the country. Serial killers have been the center of it all by taking other innocent lives in their own hands. Psychologically there’s always a motivation behind every action. Rejection, physical and sexual abuse motivates a serial killer to kill. The fact of slaughtering a human being is an addiction to them, it’s like their drug that they can’t leave or stop using. As I further my research and findings of serial killers…

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  • Female Serial Killers

    After viewing the video about female serial killers many of the female serial killers have striking similarities. Most of the female serial killers, at least presented in the video, were caregivers of those they killed. Many were mothers who killed their children and two were nurses who killed their own patients. Many of these mothers were motivated by the attention they received in the wake of their children’s deaths. The female serial killers also more commonly kill their victims using…

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  • The Mind Of A Serial Killer

    difference in America has truly expanded my interest how the mind of a serial killer works. Who would ever guess that the baby born mere seconds ago would grow up to become a serial killer? Did Jeffrey Dahmer’s parents know that he would grow up to cut people into pieces? How about Ted Bundy? Could his parents ever suspect that the precious baby boy would become one of the most feared and hunted men in America? No, I do not believe that as babies any parent can predict what the future would…

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