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  • Personal Narrative Essay: World Series

    Before I went to the World Series, I thought it was a joke, but I guess not because on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH was where the World Series was. I was more ecstatic than ever going to the World Series. When we got there, we had to choose our seats because it was standing room only(SRO). We chose our seats in foul ball territory, just about 15 feet away from the foul pole in left field. The game started and a country band named “Locash” sang the “Star Spangled Banner”, even fireworks shot up into the air making a crackling sound. The game was in action, the opposing team, the Chicago Cubs scored 6 and the Cleveland Indians 0. We decided since the Indians weren't winning or not even close, to go look for some World Series apparel at the gift shops around the stadium. I got 2 shirts, one saying “The Flag Will Be Raised” and the other saying, “Cleveland Indians World…

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  • 1919 World Series Research Paper

    Trenton Harlan Mrs. Baltz English III 29 September, 2016 Fixing the 1919 World Series It’s 1919, the great American League White Sox with 88 wins and 55 losses up against the unbeatable National League Cincinnati Reds with a tremendous 96 wins with only 44 losses on the season. A battle of the best. The big news made headlines. Would Kid Gleason’s Sox beat the Pat Moran’s Reds? There’s a little bit of a turn of events though. Are the White Sox happy to be in the World Series? But there’s more…

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  • Baseball And Depression: The Fixed World Series Of 1919

    The “Fixed” World Series of 1919 Seated in the stadium of the White Sox and the Cincinnati Reds; the crowds are roaring, for it’s the biggest game of the 1919 season. Excitement and anxiety is contagious, as everyone waits in suspense for the first pitch to be thrown. All of America is waiting in the stadium and around their televisions for the outcome of this momentous occasion to begin. No one could guess that this event was about to be ruined by the act of eight players. As baseball and…

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  • 1919 World Series: The 1919 Black Sox Scandal

    The 1919 World Series matched the Chicago White Sox against the Cincinnati Reds. Although most World Series have been of the best-of-seven format, the 1919 World Series was a best-of-nine series . Baseball decided to try the best-of-nine format partly to increase popularity of the sport and partly to generate more revenue. The series is often associated with the Black Sox Scandal, when several members of the Chicago team conspired with gamblers to intentionally lose the World Series games. The…

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  • Joseph Jefferson Jackson In The 1919 World Series Scandal

    Joseph Jefferson Jackson was a professional baseball player, who was one of the best players of his time. However, his reputation tarnished when he, including seven other teammates were accused of losing a game in order to earn cash from gamblers; hence were banned from playing professional baseball for life. Nevertheless, I have confidence that Jackson wasn’t involved in the 1919 World Series scandal. First of all, during a game, he and his teammates were accused of participating in a fix with…

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  • The Influence Of The Little League World Series

    The Little League World Series, a kids dream to be at besides Disneyworld. Every kid that plays Little League wants to work hard to get to there. Some kids don’t even make it passed their city championships, but they set their goals so high so they can make it to Williamsport. It’s not just only in the United States, it is international. Kids around the world get to participate in it. There is so many positive influences about the Little League World Series, from the lifetime friend ships with…

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  • Saul Bass: Graphic Designer

    The arm was distorted and had a series of rectangular shapes to form the arm, which bass considered to represent drug addiction. Preminger however disagreed with Bass over which animated sequence with the arm looked the best. Bass argued that “the sequence fell flat without animation” but Preminger disagreed. The official compromise was “staccato-like movements as the arm segments maneuvered through the visual progression”. After this compromise, the sequence went down as a classic in American…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 1 Assignment

    I have worked as a Team Leader in a call center, customer service environment from 2002 to now. As a Team Leader, I am responsible for managing a team of 17-23 phones specialists and supporting the department issues, should any arise day to day. I field questions and help solve issues for specialists regarding customer interactions, employee relations, and development goals. The three aspects of my role that I enjoy most are developing people to realize their full potential and achieve…

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  • The Reason Series Analysis

    Segment one of The Reason Series exposed me to the reality that everyone sees God and science in different ways. It reminded me that there will be people in the world that tell you to choose between God and science. That is not the case. You do not need to choose one or the other. People try to disprove the existence of God all the time. But disproving something is a lot harder than proving something. Science cannot prove that God isn’t real because science can only prove things in our universe…

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  • Objectives Of The Crackerjack Series

    It is a multi-level course in English as a second foreign language for students in the secondary levels and young adults. This course covers the four main skills of communication: reading, listening, speaking, and writing, as well as fosters pronunciation and vocabulary building. It stresses the importance of listening and speaking due to the stage of learning in which students are located in the B1 level. The primary goal of The Crackerjack Series is to teach the ability to communicate…

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