A Series of Unfortunate Events

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  • Maximum Ride Nevermore Analysis

    Saving the world and saving your yourself while still trying to have a childhood is harder than it looks, which is shown by the book Maximum Ride: Nevermore and A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning .After I read Maximum Ride: Nevermore, I discovered that both these books focus on the struggles of young kids who have been detached from society because of terrible tragedies. They try to recuperate over time, but because of hypocritical people and brusque actions, they cannot escape their fate. The characters are forced to deal with people who seem simple and friendly, but are devious and are almost always out to get them. The flock and the Baudelaires are constantly moving from place to place, seeking a place of refuge from the continuous…

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  • The Importance Of Responsibility In King Lear

    take responsibility for his and his father’s actions. Instead of weeping around about his misfortune, like at the beginning of the play, Edgar accepts his hardships and has taken responsibility for them. Due to Edgar’s decision to become someone he is not, it helps him to understand the realities of life, making him a sympathetic man for others instead of himself. Without leaving up to his full potential, Edgar would have never been able to take responsibility for himself, let alone his…

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  • Paper On Anger

    Life is filled with ups and downs and sometimes we get caught up in this roller coaster. For some reason, especially with unfortunate events in life, we tend to react negatively towards the problem. I’m pretty sure most of us have our share of unfair consequences For example, getting rear ended in your new car, or getting a C on a test test you studied really hard the night before. These hapless events seem unfair and creates reactions towards life, making us wonder, what did we do to deserve…

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  • Fate In Thursday's Child

    These certain events cannot be blamed on life its self or fate. Those characters made their own choices, if they chose to be mean to the other characters then that’s on them, not life or fate. When the house fell down, Da grabbed a bottle and started drinking it to relieve his grief. What Da didn’t know that it dramatically changes his personality and actions “That’s when he slapped my face. His hand came up and slashed across my cheek and nose… Da slapped me, and it hurt: it made me hit the…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To California

    The engine bursts into loud whirring noises, rising elevation causes my ears to pop as I hold on tightly onto my seat belt for dear life. I am afraid of heights. Back in my younger years, I had events like making my first friend, first crush, meeting new family members, having family gatherings, and etc. All of these events remain very memorable moments, and I still remember them very well up to this day. However, all this cannot compare to an event that remained life changing. I was going to…

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  • Who Is Mark Waatney's Loss In The Martian

    arising at once, Mark still tries “to figure out how to stay alive” (158). He now faces whole new obstacles with the Hab destroyed, his faceplate broken, and his inability to get back to the debris field to start repairs. Any normal person would give in to the staggering amount of problems. Mark Watney, on the other hand, is not that person. He begins by devising a plan to body slam the airlock and roll his way back to the Hab. He needs to launch himself at the wall in order for it to roll over…

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  • Count Olfa's House By Lemony Snicket

    full of books. • Later on in the story, when the children go to meet Mr. Poe inorder to tell him about their bad situation and that Count Olaf is bad, their journey was described. It is said that they crossed the distance was far. They crossed the flower district, the meat district, the sculpture district and they still havent reached the banking district, which is where Mr. Poe worked. Finally, they arrived at the banking district and found Mr. Poe in the Mulctuary money manegment bank. •…

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  • The Role Of Fate In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    Fate is a series of events that is out of a person’s control, these events can lead to something great or something absolutely horrible. In Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo and Juliet, two ill-fated lovers who were not in the best hands of fate. Fate was ultimately responsible for the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Firstly, fate began in the very beginning of the play. Love sicken Romeo grieves over his love for Rosaline. Unfortunately, Rosaline didn’t feel the same about him. “Why, such…

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  • Character Analysis: Flannery O Connor

    When he approaches the family he is fearless and direct. He is mischievous in the sense that he pretends that he can fix their car, however we all know something very unfortunate is likely to occur. The misfit has no remorse and immediately decides it's best to kill the family. He also especially enjoys killing the grandma because he somehow knows it's her fault that they're out there in the middle of nowhere. He is tough and he is clearly an alpha male figure to the other two men he is with…

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  • Ghost Whisperer Analysis

    The television show, Ghost Whisperer, is a feminist text since it features a main female role who is very independent. This television show demonstrates more feminists traits, including the protagonist, a female, being the only protagonist that can see ghosts, owning her own business, being strong against her enemies and remains strong after and during the unfortunate events that happen in her life. The protagonist of Ghost Whisperer is a medium, named Melinda Gordon, who can see and talk to…

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