A Series of Unfortunate Events

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  • Slippery Slope Fallacy Essay

    on hold with his cable company. This causes him to become frustrated and a series of events unfolds. Things snowball and become out of control. At the end of the commercial the man ends up in a roadside ditch. This is a Direct TV commercial which portrays if one uses Direct TV they will not have to wait on hold and will remain safe. If one chooses to remain with their cable company though many of these unfortunate events may occur. Direct TV uses the slippery slope fallacy to attempt to…

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  • My Journey With Books Essay

    authors writing new books every day and the next book to come out could be better then something I’ve read. But there are some series, I can pick up over and over again, and never find boring. And if that counts as a favorite, then I’ll take it. Those would be: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The White Rabbit Chronicles, House of Night Series, the Bloodlines Series, and anything by Sara…

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  • Breaking Bad Analysis

    With the amazing character development that takes place throughout the series combined with a cast of talented actors who play their parts wonderfully, Breaking Bad presents the public with characters that are relatable, realistic, engaging, and capable of change as well as throwing viewers into emotional turmoil. When Walter…

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  • Emanuel Balestrero Case Summary

    man, he was also into horse betting, and maintaining his finances. Emanuel had good credit and in times of struggle he would go to the distance to make sure his family was secure. Unfortunately for Emanuel he would later find himself involved in a series of hold ups in his neighborhood. Mr. Balestrero was very distraught to hear about the allegations. During this time Emanuel would then be taken down to the 110th precinct to answer more questions the detectives had for him. He was questioned…

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  • Monty Python And The Holy Grail

    Comedy movies are more than just light entertainment on a Saturday afternoon – or a great option for a date night! The funniest movies tend to live on even after the credits have rolled out. They provide us with earworms, quotes we share in funny situations and moves we recreate with our friends. They are even our comfort blankets when times get tough and we need a smile. Comedy is also quite a hard art to master. Whilst there are tons of examples of the times when the jokes just don’t work, we…

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  • The Carnivorous Carnival: Character Analysis

    "Give people what they want" is Olivia/Madame Lulu’s moto and main point in the ninth installment of the A Series of Unfortunate events, The Carnivorous Carnival. While the Baudelaires disagree with Olivia's saying, the rest of the carnival is all about it; two passionate people that support this quote include Madame Lulu herself and Hugo. In my opinion, the Baudelaires are right, people should be able to stand up for themselves and not listen to the people because what the people want could be…

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  • The Theme Of Innocence In The Outsiders

    is separated into Socs and Greasers. Ponyboy, a young greaser, is a young boy who is still considered innocent. However, after Pony witnesses one of his friend’s murder a soc, his life changes forever. He must grow up and mature after a series of unfortunate events. One theme the novel suggest is to cherish your innocence, before it’s too late. In chapter 4, Ponyboy and Johnny realized they were no longer innocent children. Thy had a hard time grasping the concept that they were on the run due…

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  • Reasons For The Trial And Execution Of Louis Xvi

    A Series of Unfortunate Events – The Trial and Execution of Louis XVI Why was Louis XVI overthrown in August 1792? What were the issues which divided republicans over his fate? A series of unfortunate events led to the deposition and ultimate execution of Louis XVI in January 1793. Louis’ plight, from the flight to Varennes in June 1791 to the guillotine on 21 January 1793, was one of constant blunders and calamitous decisions. Along with this, Louis was unable to rely on his closest…

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  • Antigone Vs Kreon Analysis

    hubris and poor kingship. Antigone earns the sympathy of the audience because of her accursed background. She was born of an “ill-fated mother who slept with her own son, my father! Such was my unhappy birth.” (Sophocles 56). Since this unfortunate series of events the line of Oedipus, Antigone’s father, has been cursed. Due to the curse, Oedipus gouged out his eyes and went…

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  • Immortalization Of Pompeii Essay

    Over the centuries, the city was abandoned and forgotten as the memory of Pompeii became nothing but a legend passed throughout generations by word of mouth. Despite the fact that the ancient objects from Pompeii were discovered sporadically, the city itself was not found until the 18th century. Ever since, excavations have gone deeper into the city’s mysterious secrets. Archaeological finds reveal how people lived during that time, as well as how they died during the…

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